Letters, Monday, March 30, 2015

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Public is being hoodwinked

WHEN will it dawn on the British public that our society is being engineered to compensate for the folly of hapless leaders.

 UKIP and Farage seemed to offer a glimpse of national pride and unity when they arrived on the scene about 15 years ago, with the words “keep the pound”.

 Braving the hysterical anti-racist dogma, they also attempted to argue the difference between self determination and xenophobia, and between a sensible immigration policy and racism.

 To be fair the public began to listen, but in fear of being found out the establishment waved an anti-Enoch Powell file about because immigration was indeed out of control, and most of the media have howled for UKIP blood ever since.

 I have not seen a positive press statement about Farage or UKIP since the by-elections, but without his bravery in the face of bigoted resistance, controlled immigration would still mean Racism In the British lexicon.

 So they try to send off Farage with a race card, convince the public that as far as immigration is concerned it’s the more the merrier and continue to suppress the effects of overcrowding.

 For instance excessive immigration is never mentioned when NHS hospital bed shortages and or prolonged waiting times are publicly criticised.

 The popular beef that UKIP has a limited agenda is quite true in one way but totally misleading. Retain the pound, who governs Britain, Westminster or Brussels, and controlled immigration is the basis of this so-called scanty manifesto, but within these three items rests the control of our future.

 Issues of bedroom or mansion tax, mental or physical treatment, HS1 and 2 and so on are details.

 Who governs us, who’s currency do we have and who lives in our country are, I claim, fundamental to democracy.

Denis Gillon

God is not about science but faith

IN reply to Ged Taylor (March 17), I did not say in my letter that Mr H Whipple was correct in his letter that Jesus would be a socialist.

 You, Mr Taylor, are correct when you write that nobody knows where or when Jesus will return.

 You ask how scientific is that? How scientific is it that the bumble-bee can fly?

 According to science/aerodynamics it cannot.

 You say in the meantime just keep chucking your money at the church. Where do you chuck your money, at the Government, politicians, scientists?

 Didn’t Jesus once say give unto Caesar that which is Caesar’s and give unto God that which is God’s? You write that the Virgin Mary and the son of someone who lives in the clouds is hard to believe. Some could not believe that the Titanic could sink, but it did.

 You ask whose side will he be on when he returns. It’s not a case of whose side will he be on, it is a case of who will be on God’s side.Those of us that obey the law, God’s law, which was given in the form of the 10 commandments.

R Tomlinson,


A great concert

I RECENTLY attended a concert by the Sunderland Symphony Orchestra held in Ewesley Road Methodist Church.

 The performance of light classical music from around Europe was first class with pieces ranging from the finale to Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony, the works of local musician Eric Boswell (writer of Little Donkey), the Grasshopper’s Dance by Ernest Bucalossi and much more.

 The concert was well attended and guests included the Deputy Mayor and Mayoress of Sunderland.

 It was an excellent evening of music, conducted by Paul Judson.

 Well done and thank you to all concerned.

 The next concert will be held on Saturday, June 27.

D J Smith