Letters, Monday, March 2, 2015

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This is more than an inconvenience

I RAISE the ugly subject yet again to explain the plight of Sunderland’s visitors, residents, fitness types and daily wanderers of our soon to be wonderful beach area.

 Some £15.45million is being spent to spruce up our pier, promenade and town centre – great.

 So tell me, will any of this money be spent on Sunderland’s long, lost and forgotten subject – the public toilets, or rather lack of.

 On February 19, I like many others, had cause to visit our beach area, as I do several times a week.

 At 72, I have done my 18 years for Queen and country. Now, I am settling down into retirement mode, helped along with the aches and pains of life.

 I retired at 69, due to mild injuries sustained in the defence of our Queen.

 In order to, hopefully, sustain my life, I thought walking on our beach area may help. Life is not always kind to us older folk, and the call of nature often catches us out.

 I strove to reach the cliff/cafe toilet, which was closed, looking along the beach to the promenade at the bottom of Cat and Dog Steps – closed.

 I might add the time was about 16.40 hours. How I gained relief is my secret.

 I returned to the closed toilets at Seaburn Fountain, where a sign – dating back to the First World War, by my reckoning – says apologies for the closure, other toilets available, open daily from 0800 to 1800 hours. I can only guess the toilet security are unaware of these times.

 Question: As a child of the 1940/50s I used the fountain toilets, so, will these toilets ever be in public use again, or are they being saved as future accommodation for all the earth’s new residents as they arrive on our shores?

Mr J A Stott,


Welfare in danger

EUROPE dictates the UK must pay the same benefits to all EU citizens, as those enjoyed by the British citizen, when coming to live here in the UK.

 The British people pay their taxes, and dues towards their pensions, unemployment benefit, sickness benefit, the NHS, education, and for all essential services from the day they start their working lives, until they retire or die.

 In the name of justice, and decency, why should vast numbers of foreign people, who have never paid a penny piece of tax, come to the UK and enjoy the fruits of other people’s labour?

 This foreign system is unsustainable and we are all the poorer for it, indeed, we will lose what we have cherished for decades.

 The UK welfare system is incompatible, and unaffordable to this EU scheme.

Linda Hudson,


A massive mistake

WHEN will we all admit that the European Union is a massive, expensive mistake?

 How can you put the many countries, separated by seas, with different languages, currencies, standards of living, together to make one continent?

 What Germany did not achieve in the war it decided to do by stealth. Unlimited immigration to take away the nationhood of all countries is under way.

 The EU caused the civil war in Ukraine. All was calm until the EU suggested that it could join the EU. Russia then stepped in to seize its territory and we all know the rest.

 Greece, regardless of not meeting the required criteria, joined the euro and like most euro countries is bankrupt and will expect the rest of the EU countries to bail it out.

 In the UK, where austerity is getting us out of debt, the Labour Party is promising no more austerity but cannot say where the imaginary money is coming from.

 As they say, politics is a dirty game.

Marjorie Matthews,