Letters, Monday, March 18, 2013

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Silence ‘accomplice of corruption’

HOW can Labour be so determined to bring to book the journalistic establishment, yet be the same party and people responsible for unleashing banks from their restraints?

 They are also the party who heroically forwent the finest opportunity to reel in bonuses and misleading banking practices.

 They certainly weren’t too quick to call for regulation back then.

 However morally motivated they may first appear, it’s obviously an attack on freedom of speech.

 It was something one of Stockton’s favourite sons, Brass Crosby, was temporarily imprisoned for.

 Indeed, his ‘bold’ stance gained freedoms the press has retained since, and should maintain.

 There is no denying there has been wrongdoing and lax leadership on the part of some major editors, if not bordering on criminal in some cases.

 But as arguably Britain’s most historically aware Prime Ministers, Winston Churchill said that freedom of the press is “the unsleeping guardian of every other right that free people prize and the most dangerous foe of tyranny.”

 Just think of all of those major organisations and scandals which have hit the headlines over the last year or so.

 Many have gone unchecked because of gagging in those organisations.

 It must be recognised that silence is quite simply the accomplice of corruption.

G Engel,

High Barnes.

Test dog poo DNA

WE like to walk, as the exercise does you good, but you can’t walk 10-metres on the pathways in this town without walking into dog poo.

 You have to keep your head down at all times in case you stand in it. I think all dog owners should be made to send a sample of their dog’s poo to be tested for DNA so they could trace these filthy dog-owners.

Clean Feet.

London MPs out of touch with North

THIS is, I think, the only way to get this off my chest. I’ve been thinking about this, and other things, about this country of ours.

 First of all, this country is too soft about people from other countries who come here to stay, and think they can do what they like. Like that illegal immigrant who was in the Echo a few weeks ago, who set up a drugs farm.

 Mind you, he was jailed for it. How come he was allowed to stay in this country illegally, and how many more like him are staying here? That’s what I mean about this country being too soft.

 To get back to the main reason I’m writing to the letters page: the bedroom tax, and for women, the mummy tax. Who is the bright spark who thinks of these daft ideas.

 The MPs in London are determined to make people’s lives miserable. The MPs have got no idea about us in the North East, even though they think they have.

 Their life and living style is different to ours. They were brought up by nannies. We in the North East were brought up by our mothers.

 We in the North Eat are down-to-earth people. The London MPs had things given to them on a plate. As I said, this is what I think. You may think I’m wrong about this. One last word, the London MPs who are ruling this country must be comedians. Who is your leader, Ken Dodd?

Edwin Robinson,

Zetland Square,