Letters, Monday, March 17, 2014

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Why share our MPs with other places?

HOW is it that when Sunderland was a town, we had two MPs, but now that we are a city, we only have one and a half?

 We have one for Sunderland South and half a shared one on the North with Washington.

 To make matters even more confusing, Washington has another MP who just happens to be shared with Gateshead, which just happens to be the satellite town of Newcastle!

 Very strange that when the issue of closures to both fire and police stations was raised, not a dicky bird was heard from the above representatives for Sunderland until there was a public outcry, and even then, only the Sunderland South MP could be heard.

 Let us get this straight – when we became a city, you would have thought the main purpose would be to project ourself to the wider world, working with pride to enhance it, new builds, shops, roads and general good stewardship.

 What do we get? Two annexed townships – Houghton and Hetton – more inclined to Durham and Washington, more inclined towards Tyneside.

 If that’s the case, Sunderland itself is on a hiding to nothing to get itself sorted, with a fractious council with no set goal for the good of the city.

 You may have noticed that any major development in the last 20 years has been to the west of the city, with the main part of Sunderland and its port shown scant regard for development.

 If the people of Sunderland cared about their city like they do for the football team, they would put their mark on the paper for change in the forthcoming elections. Come on the city, vote UKIP.

I W Pallace,

Ford Estate.

A summer of fun? Not a chance ...

SUMMER is just around the corner – sunny days, school holidays and days out. Where should my kids and I go?

 A day at the seaside with lots to do, like a swim in a fun pool because the sea is too cold, a silly ride on a funicular railway, play a family ball game in a seaside park, a scary spin on a fairground ride, splash out in a pedalo on the park lake, eat at a kid-orientated pub or restaurant or just take in the hustle and bustle of laughter and beauty of the seafront. Next day, palm the kids off with anyone reliable and spend a day of quality self-pampering time, relaxing in cafés and the many shops, just chilling out for a full day.

 Well, Sunderland is a no-go for either of these fancies, as there is very little at Seaburn except sand, and you can do the town centre shops in a couple of hours.

Miss T Ryman,


Thanks for help after bad fall

AT lunchtime on Saturday, March 1, I fell in Alexandra Road.

 A very kind lady and her husband, and also a young man, helped me and phoned for the ambulance.

 I was very grateful for their help and compassion. We have some good people in our city, I am very proud to say.

Mrs T Gardiner,