Letters, Monday, March 15, 2013

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Time to tell the truth about pits

I AM tired of Mrs Thatcher being blamed for closing pits nationwide.

 The truth is it was Arthur Scargill, who would not give his members a vote because he knew he would not get the support he wanted.

 Had he done so, all other unions would have supported all the way – instead, other unions continued to work.

 Instead he set father against sons and brother against brother.

 He now has the nerve to ask for more money for his residence and living allowance from the miners still paying dues.

 When will people tell the truth and stop blaming Margaret Thatcher?

M Metcalfe,

East Herrington

Happy that movie is filming in city

IN The Sunderland Echo on Wednesday, April 10, the headline read ‘Hollywood has arrived in Hendon’.

 I’m delighted to hear about that, and to see that the film-makers are using the old Synagogue, in Ryhope Road, as a backdrop for the film, Orthodox.

 I hope this means that, at last, Hollywood is really thinking of more Sunderland locations.

 It’s a shame the James Bond film-makers are not here also.

 I’m glad that they have picked the city for the location. I hope this means more money is coming into Sunderland.

 I don’t know if the film-makers get the Sunderland Echo.

 If they do, all the best to the film crew – good luck on making the film, Orthodox.

Edwin Robinson,

Zetland Square,


Why doesn’t God help amputees?

OFTEN when someone recovers from a serious illness or ailment, we hear that is because of God that they got better

 Either through prayer, divine intervention or one of his agents on earth, the Almighty gets credit for curing all manner of maladies.

 But one thing I’ve never seen him do is grow back a missing limb for someone. Making the blind see, helping the lame to walk and even curing things like cancer seem to be no problem to the Holy Spirit, but re-growing an arm, leg or even something simple like a finger appears to be out of the question.

 And it’s not like He couldn’t do it if He wanted. A number of creatures can grow back missing limbs – salamanders for example – so he must have the power to do it, since all living things were created by God. So just what exactly does He have against amputees?

 He works in mysterious ways of course, but it seems cruel and unfair to ignore people who have lost a limb when people with other ailments are getting cured left, right and centre. If anyone can offer an explanation for this, I’d love to hear it.

Stuart Nattrass