Letters, Monday, March 14th, 2011

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Close our doors to European migration

I fully support M Matthew’s letter (Echo March 1) asking for a referendum that will allow the country to decide whether we stay in Europe or not.

The current situation of unlimited migration into this country, if not stopped now, will ruin Britain. The evidence is there for everyone to see.

Blair and Brown decided in their unholy alliance that Britain’s doors should be opened allowing unlimited entrance of so-called asylum seekers. We have unemployment of over 2.5 million, a massive debt left by Labour and we still allow tens of thousands of people into the country from the former Soviet Bloc.

People from outside the European Union are flooding in as hundreds of thousands seek a better life at the expense of the British people

France and Germany, acting in their own interests as always, restrict settlement to the minimum, while we in this country just wave them in.

The current unrest in the North African countries and in particular Libya, is going to start massive migration to southern Europe and inevitably, the majority will land up on the other side of the Channel, poised to flood into Britain, covertly encouraged by the French Government They’ve done it before.

Britain has always provided a safe refuge for the oppressed peoples of the world, but we cannot accept unlimited immigration into this crowded island, we cannot sustain the huge numbers that are still gaining entrance, despite what the current Government would have us believe.

The only way to go is to have a referendum and give the British people the opportunity to decide whether or not they want to remain the in the EU, which is nothing but a gravy train for a bureaucratic un-elected body that is dictating every aspect of Britain’s lifestyle and sovereignty.

One daily newspaper carried the headline ‘Get out of Europe Now’

We’d better do it – and quick!

Coun G.E Howe, Fulwell Ward

Far from pampered

I was saddened by Mrs Lara Locket’s letter in which she says our youth are “pampered” as never before. She is mistaken.

Thirty-five years ago, my brother and I received grants to enable us both to have four years of higher education. I remember my parents pitying our cousins in Norway, where there was a student loan system. This is, of course, now the case in the UK.

Yes, I did get travel expenses when I attended the art college in Backhouse Park. We were even able to sign on the dole in vacations, and I don’t remember being pressured to take a job.

Mrs Locket actually seems to think higher education is either unnecessary, or should be reserved for the wealthy. Does she think children from less well-off families should be barred from becoming doctors, scientists or teachers? Should they “know their place”?

I’ve recently completed a Master’s Degree at the University of Sunderland, which I was (just) able to finance myself. I saw younger people labouring hard to juggle study and work commitments. They certainly weren’t “pampered”. I’m hoping to go on to further study, but probably couldn’t have picked a worse time to try to get funding.

I teach older people and occasionally hear sad stories of talented people who 50 or more years ago would have loved first to go to college and then go and work in “the real world”, but lack of money made it impossible.

Still, it’s a joy to see people from fiftysomething to ninetysomething learning new skills for the sheer delight of it.

Susan Moor, Dykelands Road, Sunderland

Diamond gesture

Can I on behalf of all the members of The Sunderland Cardiac Support Group, a local charity set up in 1993 to help and support members of the local community who have, or do suffer from some form of cardiac related problems, thank William and Olive Capeling for their kindness in donating £400 to the group.

The money was raised on the occasion of their recent diamond wedding anniversary held at Pallion Workingmen’s Club. We’d like to thank all their family and friends who donated.

It is the kindness and generosity of everyone concerned that helps us support heart patients and their families. We rely solely on donations and fundraising to survive.

Olive is an active member of the group and we hope we can continue to help and support

If you would like to know more, or help the group please contact me on 0191 5656892

Barry Cook, Group Secretary/Trustee, Sunderland Cardiac Support Group

Nightmare cuts

I OFTEN dream of a world where Labour actually won the 2010 General Election instead of the Tories. It appears Coun Michael Dixon is living in it.

In his letter (Echo February 11) he appears to believe Labour did win the last General Election and is in a position to make a budget.

Instead, the stark reality is Sunderland is being hit by Michael’s friends, Dave and George, in Westminster with £40million in cuts.

What I want to know is how can I get to this parallel universe and how much will he charge me?

Realist with Bags Packed