Letters, Monday, March 11, 2013

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Mass immigration is choking Britain

TIME goes on and the silence from Government concerning the arrangements to control, or even accommodate, the 2014 Romanian and Bulgarian invasion grows louder and louder.

 What we are facing is an invasion of the least fortunate, most undesirable people in Eastern Europe. It is a fair bet that criminals, along with anyone who can walk, will find the UK standard of living and generous benefits, albeit declining as we breathe, absolutely irresistible.

 In effect, Britain has become a refugee camp.

 Already there is a housing shortage caused largely by immigration. Schools and hospitals are overcrowded, stretched by the sheer weight of numbers and the diversity of cultures and languages.

  It is no longer, as woolly liberals claim, a case that the tapestry of diverse cultures enriches our lives. Britain is being choked by mass immigration. It is a fallacy to say that it is beneficial. It is now a burden to Britain.

 Cameron must inform the EU that to admit more dependents into Britain would be hazardous to both the hosts and the visitors and that Britain is therefore closed for the foreseeable future. It is just possible that Germany and France would prefer the same arrangement.

 The average man in the street expects his elected representative to work towards improving the lives of his constituents, but that is not the case where the sanctity of our homeland is concerned.

 If we treated our houses in the same cavalier manner that Government has treated border control over the past 40 years, we would all be walking the streets.

 It is interesting to note how many MPs have walled residences, so the importance of security is not totally lost on them.

 Now the cry is “slash taxes or lose the next election” – personally I would willingly pay more to have some say about who crosses our borders.

Denis Gillon,


Bought to book

AFTER my recent letter lamenting the proposed closure of our libraries in Sunderland, I put in a Freedom of Information request to the council for the data they were basing their decisions upon.

 It made very interesting reading. The council indicates that libraries are in decline so are in the front line when it comes to cuts, and indeed their information indicates that there has been a seven per cent decline in the borrowing of books from 2011 to 2012. But that’s somewhat deceptive.

 Across the city, 1,104,749 books were borrowed in 2011/12, down slightly from 1,196,619 the previous year. That’s well over a million books being borrowed in the city in a single year. What was it Terry Deary said? Libraries have had their day?

 Libraries such as Hendon are increasing the number of borrowers, and at the small library in Fence Houses, 198 borrowers managed to read a total of 7,708 books last year!

 Furthermore, the areas in the city with the highest rate of books per borrower were some of the poorest in the city.

 With this evidence that reading is as popular as ever, I find myself far more optimistic for the human condition. Except of course, for councillors!

M Crosby,

East Herrington

Plea for Mollie

I AM looking for any information on Mollie Atkinson, born in 1920 in Grey Terrace, Ryhope village.

 Her parents were Frank and Margaret Atkinson.

 I am hoping to find out who she married or if anyone knows of Mollie’s family and where they moved to.

 I would be grateful for any information about Mollie and her family.

 My contact number is 01525 240646 or 07568300450, or email stevejono@aol.com

Lindsay Hackett