Letters, Monday, June 9, 2014

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Council unclear over consultation

I UNDERSTAND that Sunderland City Council held a consultation regarding dog control orders which, if their proposals are passed, would result in the banning of dogs from certain areas of the city.

The “consultation”, which I found out about on Facebook rather than any signage around one of the proposed areas in which I regularly exercise my dog, ended on May 31.

On May 25, I was at the seafront with my children and dog when I noticed that new signage banning dogs was already in place.

This speaks volumes to me about the point of any “consultation” Sunderland Council undertakes.

Nice one, Sunderland.

K Coates,

Red House

Unnecessary view

MESSRS Brown and Davey (Echo, May 28) are taking an unnecessarily gloomy view of modern youth.

My experience at our local hostelry is of energetic, young staff, smartly dressed and with impeccable manners.

My hotel in Paris at Christmas and recently in Nuremberg, Germany, exposed me to the enthusiasm, friendliness and wisdom of their continental cousins.

It is to our lasting shame that young people now do not have the advantages, educationally, morally or socially, that I was able to take for granted 50 years ago.

To these young people I say: Thank you, avanti (forward).

George E Brown,


Encouraging rats

FOR a number of years, my neighbour has been putting bread, scraps, greasy food etc out onto the pavement for the birds – up to three times a day, every single day.

Sometimes he puts food out at night, when there are no birds around. This can be leftover chips, which are there until the morning.

This not only encourages rats, but it’s also dangerous to people walking on the pavement in the dark, as they could easily slip.

Over the years, I have informed the Department of Environment, Sunderland Council, Gentoo and the police.

Yet, nothing has changed. He just blatantly gets away with it.

I was unfortunate enough to have rats at one time and was told never to feed the birds as this encourages vermin.

J Elliott,


Trust appreciated

I WOULD like to take this opportunity to thank the voters of St Peter’s ward for placing their trust in me by electing me to represent them in council.

I shall endeavour to do my best not only for the people of St Peter’s but also for the whole city.

I wish to thank my agent Geoff Scott for his hard work during this campaign. I would also like to thank all those that have helped me over the course of the campaign, in particular Graham Hall, Lee Martin and Alan Wright. Without their dedicated and tireless support, my election would not have been possible.

Coun Shirley Leadbitter