Letters, Monday, June 30, 2014

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Country park not a music venue

I AGREE with the Friends of Mowbray Park, that it is the wrong place to hold a music festival, but their statement that Herrington Country Park was built as an events venue is completely wrong.

 It’s a country park, with lots of wildlife, and enjoyed as such by many people to relax, take the children to play and feed the ducks and swans, walk the dog or walk and cycle and climb Penshaw Hill, and it’s free.

 It’s also a memorial to the men who worked and died in Herrington Colliery, where the park now stands, including my father who was killed in November 1944.

 I would suggest Seaburn for the festival, maybe where the lake used to be.

 It is time something was done with the old fairground site, and Seaburn seems to cope quite well with the Air Show crowds.

 Maybe such a venue should be in the plans for the new riverside space.

Joyce Dixon,


Move it elsewhere

MYSELF and many friends feel very strongly that Mowbray Park is not a proper venue for the Split Festival.

 No matter how well behaved fans might be, damage is inevitable.

 Why was this park used instead of Herrington Park?

 The latter has been home to many big events – why not for the Split Festival?

 Apart from Herrington there is a large space where the Seaburn fair used to be and a huge field which was Seaburn Camp.

 Please support this matter.

Moira Shearer,

Laburnum Road

Great fund-raiser

I WOULD like to thank all who participated in a charity night held in the Howard Arms, Roker Avenue, on Saturday, June 14, in aid of Leukaemia and Lymphoma Research.

 We raised £846 on the night and have now made £1,040.

 We would like to thank Pat and the staff whose hard work is greatly appreciated, also the lovely lady who provided the karaoke in the Howard Arms, the girls on lunchtime staff at St Anthony’s Girls Academy for their support, especially Sue for her brilliant karaoke contribution, all the local businesses who generously donated prizes to the raffle and auction.

 Thank you all so much as this money is going to help towards research to find a cure for blood cancer.

 Until next time, thanks again to everyone concerned.

Julie Humble and Family,


All round benefit

EVERYBODY keeps saying that people use their benefits to go on holiday, tabs or drink.

 So why not make it mandatory to have benefits put on cards, like a debit card – we have the technology. That way the money could only be used for food bills, rent, council tax or electricity etc.

 That would soon get a lot of people into work

D Swann