Letters, Monday, June 3, 2013

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Time to support the NHS frontline

THE recent Echo report describing the critical condition of the Accident and Emergency unit in Sunderland reflects the unhealthy state of affairs prevalent throughout the NHS.

 Many in the medical profession place the blame at the door of the Government, who have put them in a financial straitjacket by demanding cuts of £20billion.

 Mr Cameron is making matters even worse by closing A&Es across the country.  

 This has led to thousands of additional patients attending the hospitals still left open, creating bottlenecks in the system, leading to increased waiting times and ambulance queues escalating.

 That is why the NHS is now telling the Government it is running at capacity and is finding it very difficult to cope with the extra demand.

 In other words, stop the job losses and urgently support the NHS frontline. The Government should take notice of the Care Quality Commission, which has stated that quite a number of hospitals “do not have enough staff to keep people safe and meet their health and welfare needs”.

 In a letter to the Health Secretary, emergency chiefs have called on the Government to take immediate action to fix an emergency system that’s failing to cope.

 At least one Tory Cabinet Minister agrees with the above. Iain Duncan Smith has shouted from the rooftops that closing his local A&E “will cause real harm to local health services” and “place unbearable pressure on other trust hospitals”. The mind boggles!

W Quinn,



Why not hold fair on old Vaux site?

THE (non)events team are supposedly working for Sunderland, but have, again, snatched defeat from the jaws of victory by placing The Hoppings-style fair at Herrington Park. 

 Had they considered using the 13-year-old, empty Vaux site in the City centre where it would not impinge upon residents? Have they had any discussion (apart from amongst themselves) with Sunderland City Centre Traders’ Association and its membership to utilise this opportunity to hold the event in the city centre and the influx of people into the city?

 I think I know the answer, as do the voters of Sunderland councillors.

 When will the people who are voted in time after time actually going to get something right?

 Don’t forget, they are public servants and several of them are extremely well paid (more than five times the national average wage). Sunderland has been long suffering enough the fools and charlatans that purport to have Sunderland’s interests at heart. 

 Time for a change Sunderland next time you are at the ballot box.

Bryan Foster,


Best wishes to former pub staff

IN December, a new owner took over The Queen Vic at Roker.

 A big write-up in the Sunderland Echo quoted that all the staff were being kept on.

 Unfortunately, this year that changed. Most of the staff were told their jobs had been terminated without any notice, so no redundancy was given.

 They had to claim it from the Government, as the lady said in the Sunderland Echo on May 18.

 All the staff were pleasant and helpful and have helped to build this business up over the years.

 I wish them all the best for the future.

Satisfied customer,