Letters, Monday, June 27th, 2011

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Always putting their foot in it

IS the Prime Minister and his government ever going to stop putting their size 12s into things? They want to stop punishing the innocent and stop what is going on in this country.

One minister said that people with speech impediments should be willing to take less money to get a job. It just goes to show how and what they think of people. Absolutely disgraceful.

Mr Cameron then goes on about absent fathers, comparing them to drink-drivers. Where is the logic in that? How can absent fathers be compared to a potential killer? Most absent fathers don’t get a say because it is taken out of their hands by partners. If Mr Cameron had done his homework like he should, he would know this. It’s the other absent fathers who should be shown up, the ones who will neither work nor want to and who don’t care one way or another.

Instead of saying things that are only going to open a can of worms that may one day not be contained, this country should be sorted out. Instead of giving billions of pounds to other countries that are not our responsibility, it should be spent whichever way is needed for our country.

Stop this immigration once and for all and get our soldiers back over here from wherever they are. It’s money spent not to benefit us, but others and it’s costing lives that shouldn’t be lost.

We are getting squeezed for every penny for whatever reason and yet still no improvement. How long is this going to go on? We give while others take. Then you are going to have to work until you are 68. You pay more into the system while you get less out. Great isn’t it? Then when people try to make a stand they are in the wrong.

If things don’t get sorted out properly for the better there will only be the bones left to pick at shortly.

B. Crute, Cleveland Road, Sunderland

Time for action

AFTER all the talking, it’s time we saw some action from David Cameron and this government.

We know cuts are affecting everyone, but they have to be made or the country will be bankrupt. But David Cameron has to stop giving millions of pounds of taxpayers’ money away to countries who are better off in wealth and resources than we are.

The Prime Minister said we made promises and we must stick to them (if they do, it will be a first).

What about his promises to the British people that got him elected in the first place? He promised to give the British people a referendum on the EU, promising to cut down on immigration which is rising to record levels, scrapping the Human Rights law to be replaced by a British Bill of Rights, giving married couples more than single couples, who supposedly live apart, while telling everyone to tighten their belts. So much for his big society!

David Cameron seems to be floating on cloud nine, and heading towards planet Blair, and we all know what should have happened to him.

If Cameron doesn’t change direction soon he may find at the next election his big society might just vote the other way.

D.J. Wright, Appley Terrace, Sunderland

Important gig?

HAVING tuned into ITV Tyne Tees’ 6pm bulletin on Monday, June 20, hoping to see some pictures or a review of the Kings of Leon gig, I would just like to make all those at SAFC and Sunderland Council aware that the recent gigs at the SoL were only possible because Bruce Springsteen and the E Street band played at St James’ Park in 1985.

Apparently this gig put the North East on the music map. And why did this story get airtime? Because the saxophonist has passed away. Talk about a loose link.

Also, the main music event of the weekend wasn’t the 55k in the SoL watching one of the biggest bands in the world, it was in fact the Whitehaven Festival where the headline act were Razorlight who enjoyed being in the North West as they haven’t played there in a little while. Nice.

R. Hall, Radleigh Road, Sunderland

Amazing kindness

MAY I express my gratitude and congratulations to the customers of Asda, Seaham, who donated £404.19 to the Grace House Appeal on Saturday, June 18? This is the highest total raised in a single day’s collection. Awesome. Words fail me. Thank you seems so inadequate.

Equally the same applies to the customers at Clays Garden Centre at Washington who gave £259.36 on Saturday, June 11. Torrential rain on the afternoon reduced the footfall, so it was an excellent achievement. The management and staff at Clays support Grace House in a special way.

Finally I thank the customers of Sainsburys at Fulwell who, on Friday, June 17, gave a fantastic total of £217, which is incredible for a smaller store. Thank you all again.

Jeff Coxon, Lawnside, Seaham