Letters, Monday, June 23, 2014

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It’s great tribute to the miners

IN reply to R Tomlinson, from Seaham, regarding “the insult to miners on the seafront”, I have been to Specsavers. I don’t have to wear rose tinted glasses, nor be blinkered as I have 20-20 vision and guess what, I think the tribute to the Vane Tempest miners is superb.

 The only thing I can think is I don’t consider miners to be the be all and end all of civilisation as we know it.

 Many forces personnel were conscripts – yes we had the Bevan Boys but mining, on the whole, was an occupation of choice. As for the danger miners faced, compare this to the construction industry. In the last 25 years 2,800 people have been killed on construction sites or as a result of construction activities. Many more have been injured or made ill.

 Each year it tops the work fatalities list, accounting for more than a quarter of all workplace deaths.

 The only tribute to these people are the houses we live in, shopping centres, sports complexes, the list is endless.

L Coates,


Anniversary trip

IN September, three months after the 70th anniversary of D Day, it will be the 70th anniversary of the Battle of Arnhem.

 On Tuesday, September 16, I will lead a coach party from the North of England to attend the special Arnhem ceremonies, including a parachute drop at Ginkel Heath.

 We will also attend the ceremony at Oosterbeek Airborne Cemetery where Dutch children will lay flowers on the graves. King Willem of the Netherlands and Prince Charles will be in attendance.

 We will have a full tour of the Arnhem battlefields area and follow the route of XXX Corps after the break-out from Normandy.

 We will visit the site of the Rhine crossing and the Reichswald Forest. We will also visit the post- Great War home of the ex-Kaiser Wilhelm at Doorn.

 There are a few places left and I will be happy to supply full details to anyone interested in going. I can be contacted at 2, Eden Gate, Warcop, Appleby-in-Westmoreland, Cumbria, CA16 6PL, ring me on 017683 41060 or email me at johndavidraw@gmail.com.

David Raw,


Missed chances

SUNDERLAND is in control of more miles of river frontage and coast than most other cities in England.

 With these assets, it should be one of the golden cities of England.

 The fact that it’s more of a dump than most is due to the fact that the local Luddite politicians have less vision than a myopic mole.

 One thing that they can do is to reduce the enormous salary of the chief executive.

 That money could then be used to promote some sort of weekly event or other in the area, or else they should explain why he is being paid twice as much to run the city as the Prime Minister is to to run the country.

Joseph Young