Letters, Monday, June 22, 2015

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Time to take country back

Julie Elliot’s article (Sunderland Echo, June 18) is a taste of what is to come from Europhiles across the political class.

 To read the article one could be forgiven for thinking Britain’s social, political and economic history began in 1975. The idea that if Britain exits the EU the whole edifice would crumble is ridiculous.

 The case Ms Elliott and those who support her position will no doubt pedal over the coming months is Nissan and their continued presence in the UK. Where would Nissan go? They have the most productive automotive workforce in Europe, easy access to European markets and labour relations and costs which are the envy of the world.

 If we had listened to the Chief Executive of Nissan years ago we would not be in the EMU with all its disastrous consequences.

 When we joined the EU in 1975 we joined an economic union. It has now become a political, social and economic mess which inhibits out national sovereignty and the time has come to take our country back.

Denis McDonald


Charge £5 to see Air Show

With a month to go to the Airshow I am appalled that the organisers did not make this year’s event pay-per-view.

 As an aviation enthusiast I do feel that some of the spectators do not deserve a free show. Many of them are unemployed and have no interest in aviation.

 All they want is a free day out and to get drunk. This spoils the day for real enthusiasts like me.

 I feel sorry for the locals. They dare not leave the house and have lots of mess to clean up afterwards.

 I would charge five pounds a head to view this show, which would not be extortionate for a event like this.

Mick ‘The Pen’ Brown

Impressed by our kindness

I am a Southerner. I grew up in affluent Bournemouth.

 Yesterday I drove an 18tonne lorry to your city for the very first time. I tried to find Maplins in Market square.

 The sat nav wouldn’t tell me, but a very nice Sunderland man called Peter jumped into my cab during his lunch hour and directed me to the back of the shop.

 No way would I have been able to find this place with the horrendous traffic.

 Now, I know the South has more money and better roads, but what they don’t have is kindness. They don’t know their neighbours. Are too polite. Smile when it’s not genuine. They are not friendly.

 So don’t you Sunderland people think you’re worse off. Sunderland may not be as affluent as the south, but who cares when you do kind things like this man Peter did! Good for you.

Peter Toctan