Letters, Monday, June 2, 2014

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We have achieved many successes

I WOULD like to thank all the people who voted for me in the recent council election.

 I live in Fulwell and was far from happy with the degeneration of the area with regard to litter, dog mess and other structural problems.

 I have spent the last two years calling on almost every resident in Fulwell and finding out what matters to them. After speaking to hundreds of people, we asked questions of the council departments about points raised.

 I am proud to say that we managed to procure a footpath for Seaburn Dene Primary School to save children having to enter via the road leading to the Comprehensive School.

 We talked to people in the “D” streets about the state of the roads and got emergency repairs on six of these roads, and ongoing attention including the resurfacing of Drayton Road at the top end.

 We raised the problems of parking around the Metro station and Newcastle Road hospital, and ensured it will be debated in council later this year.

 We contacted Railtrack about graffiti around the line between Newbury Street and Montague and Hilda Streets and got a promise to attend to it in the near future.

 We instituted clear ups and enforcement on dog mess in the Zion Terrace, Mere Knolls Road and Seaburn Promenade area.

 There were scores of other little wins in areas that matter to the people of Fulwell.

 I would again say thanks and say how much I enjoyed talking to all of you while door knocking.

 As I write, I have received an email from the council about addressing faded marking on the roundabout at the top of Dykelands Road.

 The work goes on...

Margaret Beck,


Non-voters should feel so ashamed

I SEE the same old councillors got back into their cosy, expenses paid jobs. What got to me was only 33 per cent of the city voted.

 When I think of all the people who have given their lives in two world wars, Korea, Iraq and Afghanistan and other places so we can have a democratic way of life, I feel ashamed of the city. It is no good saying they are all alike because there was plenty to choose from.

 You can even have a postal vote if you do not want to go out.

 I think all the non-voters should feel ashamed – after all, so many have given their lives to protect our democracy.

 Now our highly-paid council members can carry on with their plans, iconic bridges and many more useless schemes.

 I am sure they will be trying to keep our reputation of the city with the most Poundlands and charity shops in the UK.

 Shame on the non-voters.

G Liddle,