Letters, Monday, June 17, 2013

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UKIP and Old Labour have lots in common

WITH reference to Ged Taylor’s letter last Thursday, saying UKIP is full of ex-Conservatives, may I suggest he comes along to a UKIP meeting or conference?

 There he will meet people who have either never voted before, or previously voted for New Labour, LibDem or Conservative, many of whom are of different races, religions and creeds.

 UKIP has a lot in common with Old Labour voters who were against unskilled labour (from ANYWHERE) working at less than the minimum wage, thus putting hardworking people of this country out of work.

Richard Elvin,

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Greggs plays fair when paying tax

CREDIT where credit due: well done to Greggs, our home-grown national baker.

 Greggs has just been awarded the new Fair Tax Mark, scoring the highest possible mark among British retailers for its tax behaviour.

 The Fair Tax Campaign found that Greggs dosn’t use tax havens, it is transparent about what it pays, and the amount it pays is a fair amount.

 In winning this award, Greggs sends a clear message to other high street retailers that it is possible to run a successful, expanding business and do the right thing on tax.

 For those of us who believe fair tax is at the heart of a fair society, the launch of the Fair Tax Mark, akin to the Fairtrade Mark, is indeed good news.

 Maybe we should all celebrate with a pasty?

Paul Brannen

How will we find jobs for new immigrants?

FOR Liam Byrne to be pontificat-ing about unemployment is amazing. His comments come after Labour’s Tony Blair signed up to allow people from 27 countries to come and live here at will. If he complains now, what about January, 2014, when 29 million Romanians and Bulgarians can come and live on this small island at will? How will we find jobs, housing, schools etc. for them?

 David Cameron says we should stay in the EU. So he is happy that our Government only controls 20 per cent of our laws, and also that the UK will soon be part of Federal Europe, ruled by Germany.

 None of the three main parties want to give us a referendum on in/out of the EU. The gravy train is too attractive.

 How much more can our politicians show a lack of care or information on the views of 80 per cent of UK citizens who want to go back to self-rule? We are all in despair! The EU wants us to give the vote to prisoners, we do not want that.

 Also the EU has concocted a handbook setting out immigrants’ rights to benefits, asylum and avoiding deportation. This is to cause the further ruination of our country. We want out of the EU, full stop.

Marjorie Matthews,


An enjoyable day down on the farm

I HAVE just had a wonderful day out with the school children of St Benets to Sunderland Training and Education Farm(Page Pastures Farm).

 The farm is based in South Hylton and is just a short walk from the Metro station.

 It is a fully operational farm but also has areas where children can hold rabbits, guinea pigs and get up close to sheep, cows, baby goats and pigs.

 They also have an area with birds of prey and a reptile house.

 The staff were fantastic, educating the children about the different animals, birds and snakes etc.

 There is an on-site cafe and play areas for children. I had never heard of this farm before this visit, but would really recommend it for a family day out.

 Plus, the on-site office sells free range eggs, which were delicious.

Lilian Bell