Letters, Monday, June 16, 2014

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It’s a crazy world where no one cares

I AM just an ordinary person wanting to survive this crazy world as long as possible.

 I think, talk and do in layman style. No baffling, educational, big words to confuse people, and so in layman politics.

 Conservatives: They only look after the people with money, to make sure they get more money, to employ them in later life. They talk to the simple layman with policies, none of which they expect to fulfil. Their only aim is self wealth, with a little helping to the poor for good measure. Their own are dishonest and when found out will be disowned or knighted, whether they be banker, politician or whatever.

 Labour: Propose to look after the workers, and very poor, knowing there’s little chance of it in this country, but like all politicians will promise millions of pounds to other countries. These members also strive for self wealth, but don’t like to be too obvious. Dishonesty still reigns and sackings and knighthoods are still available. They offer Joe Public all they really want in life (as do all political parties) in order to get a vote. As usual, once in, they live in the lap of luxury, with money, travel and security. Joe Public is still left to battle on in abject poverty.

 Our bosses in EU make 82 per cent of our laws, even though we fought two world wars for freedom. Our country is over-run by foreigners.

 Other political parties try to get into power for the same benefits as the main two.

 We were once a great country ie. Great Britain, now other nations look down on us and laugh.

 It is still great to some of us – but one hell of a struggle.

 UKIP, now a major force, thanks to the lassitude of the other parties.

 In 1942 I was born into a crazy, war-filled world. I will die in a crazier war-filled world where no ones cares.

Mr J Stott,


Bus stop madness

I LIVE on Ford Estate and wondered if anyone could explain why at most bus stops where it is busy and open to the elements, there are no bus shelters?

 Yet, where there is a quiet bus stop that is hardly used, they have a lovely sparkling bus shelter?

 These new buses are supposed to be quiet. I worked at the shipyards for 31 years and when I get on a new bus, it reminds me of the time when I was in the engine room of an ASD 14 with the turbo engine running.

 In the summer it blows cold and in the winter it blows hot.

 Why is there a 9.30am curfew for bus pass holders. At 9.30am, the buses are packed with everybody using the bus at the same time. If they did away with the curfew, people would stagger their times.

 It’s not as if workmen use the buses like they used to.

 I would like to finish my rant by telling the drivers on the number 60 bus to Seaham to please either turn the destination speaker down or turn them off. I know where the next stop is and I don’t need speakers blaring at me at every stop.

Name and address withheld