Letters, Monday, June 15, 2015

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Easy to stop at border

So, virtually a daily basis, courtesy of papers and news broadcasts, we witness the scandalous scenario being played out at the port of Calais, as hordes of illegal immigrants try all ways to reach their ‘promised land’.

 When I hear people disparage Great Britain, I wonder why it seems half the world wants to come here to live?

 The concerns of the drivers seem to go unheeded. It’s only a matter of time before somebody is seriously hurt, or worse.

 The insouciance of the French police is staggering.

 On top of all this the Mayor of Calais blames us – Mon Dieu, mon ami!

 For 1,000 years, since William the Conqueror, we have repelled all comers. French, Spanish, even the Third Reich, could not breach our shores.

 Now we are under siege from Eastern Bloc and Sub Saharan states.

 But, I may have a solution.

 A lot of the the ‘invading’ seems to start as the drivers stop to show passports and documentation.

 At a point about 50 metres from that point, put up a large banner or sign saying simply:”You are not getting any money”.

 Fifty metres further on, erect another sign warning: “Anyone caught entering the United Kingdom illegally, will be shot.”

 The problem will literally vanish overnight.

John Potts,


Revenge can be sweet

SCHADENFREUDE is a lovely word, isn’t it?

 It’s taking pleasure from other people’s misfortunes.

 At the end of any football season we rejoice at SAFC’s great escapes, but we can have a laugh at people and clubs we don’t like.

 Steve Bruce, for example. For years he’s had a vendetta against us.

 I hope he enjoys life back in the Championship – I hear his chairman is going to rename him Tony the Tiger.

 Wigan Pathetic, whose former chairman said they deserved Premier League football while SAFC’s 40,000 supporters did not. Relegation to you, dear Wigan.

 Tranmere Rovers, who cheated us in a famous cup tie in 2000. They even finished below the Monkey Hangers.

 Finally, the once mighty Glasgow Rangers, who poached Magic Johnston from SAFC then sold us a dud in Tore Andre Flo. Their supporters were so certain they’d win three promotions in a row. Oh dear, how sad, never mind.

 But I am still waiting for Mike Ashley to get his comeuppance.

Charles Napier,


Pay it over

The Tories state there is no money for the NHS, schools and armed forces but yet they can accept a £74,000 a year pay rise. Plough that into the above.

K Stoker