Letters, Monday, June 1, 2015

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Football is entertaining

SO Peter Taylor (Echo Letters, May 22) has never seen a more boring spectacle than football? Has he never seen cricket, snooker, car racing? At least where football is concerned the players are all good actors.

 Has he never seen how critically injured some of them get in bad tackles?

 Then the good fairy, in the shape of a coach or first aider, comes on with a magic wet sponge and life and limb is instantly restored.

 The mind-numbing tedium of the game is occasionally interrupted by the BGT rejects in the crowd, trying to sing nursery rhymes (sing? they couldn’t shout coals up the passage). Why don’t they try LA Laing instead? Then there’s the odd fight between players plus all the pretty toilet rolls and different coloured smoke bombs (once over, but that novelty seems to have worn off) slung onto the pitch.

 Of course, if someone scores a goal a knee slide is instantly called for, this alone is worthy of an Olympic event for both distance and depth of furrow. The game is further enlivened by the clowns, in the form of attention seekers, that run on to the pitch to pat the scorer (and possible feed him a chocolate drop) – look at me everyone, it’s me, look at what I can do!

 Then, at the end of the match, the winners boast and brag about their victory, and try to analyse the winning format. Anyone listening to them talk, would think they had just liberated Russia from communism, atheism and poverty. Football boring? That’s what I call entertainment mate. Still roll on the conker season that’s what I say!

R Tomlinson


Christine at the Empire

I read with interest Katy Wheeler’s article on Christine Norden but was disappointed she didn’t mention that Christine appeared at the Empire in the week of May 26, 1952 with Winifred Atwell as top of the bill.

 The review in the Echo stated that Christine “overcomes the unnerving sensation of playing to a home-town audience by singing pleasantly enough in a curious husky tone and interspersing the vocal effect with suitable body gyrations and a film star patter to please visual and oral senses respectively”. Also on the bill was Jack Jackson, The Three Monarchs, Ted and George Durante, Jimmy Wheeler, Peter Rayner and Ray and Madge Lamar.

George McCarthy

Via email

Let them take legal highs

Why all the talk about banning legal highs? If people are stupid enough to take them, let them deal with the consequences. Drugs are nature’s way of purging the idiots and I fully support it.

Colin Blakewell