Letters, Monday, July 31st, 2012

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Vital support for young footballers

AS chairman of Sunderland Primary Schools FA, I would like to congratulate both the Association’s representative squads on their achievements over the 2011-12 season.

The girls’ representative side were crowned league champions, finishing a staggering 23 points ahead of nearest challenges Darlington, while the boys’ squad won both the Harrison Cup (league champions) and the Derwent and Medomsley Cup as well as finishing as Durham County five and seven-aside champions, remaining unbeaten in all competitions throughout the season.

On behalf of everyone at SPSFA I would like to thank the boys and girls for their efforts throughout the season. We are very proud of them.

Can I also thank the parents and grandparents for their support throughout the season and also for the many donations we received from them as the season progressed.

As a voluntary organisation, we are totally self-funded and rely entirely on the funds we can raise ourselves and also on the generosity of individuals and local businesses. With this in mind, can I give a special thanks to Mickey Lemon at ASAP shutters for his continued support and also for his sponsorship of both representative sides.

I would also like to thank Mick Clark and his staff at the Russell Foster HQ in Newbottle for the continued use of the fantastic facilities and for their support this season. A big thank-you also to the schools that donated cheques to the Association to help with end-of-season celebrations with special thanks to Mrs Acklam at Broadway Juniors.

Can I also thank Kelvin Lamb at the Dolphin public house, Jass Singh at Bristol Street Motors, Dave Gardner at Peter Dodd Funerals, Martin Swales at Kitchen Magic, Paul Graham at Scotsbank Motors and Phil Jeffries and Tony Applegarth at Sunderland Coachworks for their kind donations during the season.

It is because of your kindness that we are able to provide the children of Sunderland with the opportunities to play organised football that we do and for that we are extremely grateful to you all.

Chris Lindstedt, Chairman, SPSFA

Attack on Royals

THERE seems to be a bit of a kerfuffle going on about access to the boats in the “dock” by the owners. Which dock? North dock? Hudson dock? Tyne dock?

The Queen wasn’t going anywhere near those places, so on that argument I can see their point – shutting the boats off without access by the owners for a week was over the top by the council.

The first gentleman who wrote in about the situation put a reasonable argument. The other one took the opportunity to say he agreed with his friend and colleague, and have a whinge, mostly to have a go at the Royal Family. Parasitic family? A son in the Army who has been to Afghanistan, another one in the RAF flying helicopters and saving lives, while at the same time fulfilling their duties opening this and that all over the country.

Oh yes, and they have children who (old fashionedly) get married before having kids. It proves they are only human, not super beings, when they too have divorces and all the woes like that. But who has a grandmother still working at 86 years of age?

She and her 91-year-old husband put in one hell of a shift over the Jubilee celebrations. Hubby took bad – did he go for a sick note? No, he pulled himself together and turned to at the earliest opportunity.

I don’t see the Queen being bothered about the dock being closed.

Arthur E. Steel, Phoenix Road, Sunderland

‘Legends’ show

I AM a football fan but I won’t be sad to see the “Legends” show go the journey.

I hate chat shows and especially Bernie Slaven. But I hate to

hear fans discussing their team’s inadequacies for two hours. It is so boring.

I work afternoon shift and I want to hear music while I work, not ramblings by disgruntled, fickle football fans.

John “The Pun” Watson, Pensher View, Washington

Farewell thanks

THANK you for the kind words from Doctor Mick Thurlbeck in Thursday’s Echo. Mick is no mean ambassador for our city himself.

I would like to thank everyone in the church, business, trade union, accademic and armed forces communities, and especially in the Minster and Northumbrian Industrial Mission for their kind words and generous gifts as I leave here after 12 very happy years.

Not least, I am most appreciative of the Echo itself for excellent support. It’s all a community and family publication should be.

I am shortly moving to Rotterdam as Chaplain to the Mission to Seafarers.

Father Stephen Hazlett