Letters, Monday, July 27, 2015

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No licence for the over 75s

The TV show 100 Year Old Drivers was a example of why everyone over the age of 75 should be forced to give up their driving licence.

 In a nutshell, at that age your reflexes are a lot slower than when you were 21.

 I am not ageist but it is obvious that younger drivers are much better. I have seen elderly motorists sitting on a cushion with the leather gloves and peaked cap uniform as they head to Sainsbury’s.

 It’s not funny any more. In fact if some one does not do something soon a OAP will cause a serious accident.

 Another point is the pensioners have a lot less regard for the drink drive laws. 

 Many of them think another whisky won’t hurt. It’s as if they are living on another planet.

 Remove their licences now.

Mick “The Pen” Brown,

via email.

Walk to help a good cause

I am a Marie Curie Nurse and I am calling on your readers to take part in a 10k walk event at the stunning Gibside on September 5.

 After finishing the walk, the evening will continue with music, picnics and fireworks to enjoy as the sun goes down.

 With the school holidays upon us, this is a wonderful event to enjoy with family and friends, and will help raise vital money for Marie Curie.

 Marie Curie Nurses, like me, provide care and support to local people living with a terminal illness in their own homes and in the Marie Curie Hospice. But our ageing population means more and more people are living with a terminal illness. So we need your help to do more.

 It only costs £10 to register, and we ask that everyone who takes part aims to raise £100 for Marie Curie.

 I hope the people of Wearside will sign up today and support Marie Curie. To register for your local walk at Gibside please visit www.mariecurie.org.uk/walktoremember or for more information, call 0845 052 4184.

Allison Fisher,

Marie Curie Nurse.

Men in the kitchen?!

It’s bad enough having all these cookery programs on the telly, but it’s led to every bloke in the pub thinking he’s a chef.

 Once upon a time all the talk was about who is the best footballer ever. Now Gordon Ramsey knocks-up a shepherd’s pie on telly and

these blokes in the pub can’t stop going on about it.

 It’s not like he’s cured cancer, he’s just knocked up a bit of dinner. When I go in the pub for a pint, I don’t want tall Paul the barman rambling on about what he did with Rosemary in his kitchen. By the way, Rosemary ain’t the barmaid.

Ged Taylor,