Letters, Monday, July 25th, 2011

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I can’t understand this Coalition

I KNOW a lot of people will probably say “he’s at it again” writing about doom and gloom and slagging off these people who are in power and have our way of life in their hands, but I just can’t get my head round what is happening.

I just can’t understand Cameron and Co’s attitude. There are lots of examples.

The last time the Conservatives were in power, what happened? With a stroke they destroyed centuries of shipbuilding and coal mining in this city, killing off this tradition forever and plunging thousands of people on to the dole and dependant on government handouts. This not only took jobs away but also the pride and security of the workplace.

It seems they have turned their attention to Derby now and have stuck the knife into Bombardier by giving its work away to some other country.

Surely Cameron, as Prime Minister, his loyalty ought to be behind his own countrymen in these bleak times.

Not only this example is involved but the thousands and thousands of people being thrown on the scrap heap throughout the UK.

They (the Government) are losing jobs left, right and centre and expect people to find jobs that don’t even exist.

They are creating ghost towns and cities. Just walk through Sunderland city centre and count the empty shops. If they’re not empty they are turned into charity shops.

Then there is this new trouble at mill over the scandal of the phone tapping. If enquiries go on I wouldn’t be surprised if a lot more comes to light and it will be explosive.

Colin Wasey, Wayman Street, Monkwearmouth, Sunderland

Awards night

I AM part of a local Mencap group called Sunderland Gateway Sports and we have been a registered charity in our own right for nearly a year.

Our organisation runs sporting activities and events for children and young people with physical, mental and learning disabilities. We offer coaching, and the chance for athletes to compete in local, national and international competitions, in swimming, tenpin bowling, football and boccia.

On Saturday, July 16, we held our first awards night in recognition of the superb year that our athletes have had. It was held at Great Lumley Methodist Church and was a fantastic success. Everyone had a good night, with a three-course meal and pre-awards entertainment provided by Pantastic.

I would like to thank Joanne Fearne and Tom Sterling for all of the extremely hard work that they both put in to allow the ceremony to go ahead.

I would also like to thank the volunteers at the church who put on an exceptional spread and worked tirelessly throughout the night.

Many thanks to all of the guests including the deputy headteacher from Barbara Priestman School, Mrs Common and the athletes, especially the boccia team because they came eighth out of 14 teams in a recent national boccia competition at Nottingham.

Well done, everybody. What a night!

Tom Batey (boccia coach), Rodney Close, Ryhope, Sunderland

Letters shoot-out

READING the paper the other day, it was like Gunfight at the OK Coral – two people shot in the foot and the Letters Page straying on to the Chipper Page.

Two men debating who shot who in the foot.

I hope this is not a taste of what goes on in council chamber or, as Private Fraser says, we’re all doomed.

As we always say from Star Trek: “Beam me up, Scotty”.

J. Thompson, Leechmere Road, Sunderland

The badger

Now that death has been decreed,

You and your cubs will soon recede.

Black and white beauty of the night,

You will be gassed or shot on sight.

Why should man slaughter, oh, so keen,

An animal most have never seen?

Government give back the public voice,

We would like to make a choice.

So this is your new “Big Society”,

True in its own pathetic piety?

Edward Ryles

Stop interfering

WHAT’S this world coming to?

One time you could do what you liked within reason. Now they are telling us you cannot smoke in your own car.

What a load of rubbish! Who pays your car tax and your petrol? You.

Next they will be telling us when to go to the toilet.

To me you cannot tell people what to do with their lives, but this government is.

D. Wheldon, Hendon, Sunderland