Letters, Monday, July 14, 2014

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Concern over city losing its identity

ARE we slowly being taken over by South Tyneside Council?

 It has been proposed to build a retail park on our green belt near Nissan in partnership with South Tyneside Council.

 On Roker foreshore, our council has already sold them a prime piece of land for the measly sum of £25,000 on which South Tyneside Council is building a parade of shops, cafe etc and calling it Pier Point.

 Walk along South Shields seafront and you will find a new swimming pool complex named Haven Point. Get my point?

 I’m wondering who the council will call on to help us build our new bridge.

R Campbell,


It all has to stop

LABOUR is attacking the Government about the problems of the over-stretched NHS, conveniently forgetting that its own open-door policy regarding immigration has caused those problems.

 Our country is now overpopulated and it is going to get worse as this Government shows no signs of limiting the stream of immigrants coming to this generous welfare and free health care country.

 France admits that it is powerless to stop waves of immigrants arriving in Calais bound for Britain.

 Doctors are working less hours with evenings and weekends off. Managers at hospitals are overpaid penpushers and do not improve the standard of care. Health tourists from other countries are increasing the problems.

 People are living longer, partly due to the advance of medicine but also by evolution, and are being heavily criticised for this.

 It seems we should stop immigration by leaving the EU or stop living for so long. Which would you choose?

Marjorie Matthews,


Lasting rest place

I READ with interest the story regarding the cemetery’s missed book of condolence.

 I am sure people find a lot of help in remembering past loved ones. Those actually buried are easily remembered, but in cremation, ashes are scattered.

 I often wonder why people do not have a loved one’s ashes put in an urn, and returned to loved ones, or set up an area at the crematorium so people can have a definite item to look at as a lasting resting place.

 Would it be such a hard thing to do considering what a funeral costs a family anyway?

 It shouldn’t bite into a funeral director’s profits too much.

Mr J A Stott,


Thanks for badge

I WOULD just like to say a big thank you to Carol Hern who found my education badge and handed it in to the council for me.

 Nice to know that there are honest people about – thanks again.

Kev Stoker