Letters, Monday, July 13, 2015

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It is time to move on

Once again people are writing to complain about Margaret Thatcher.

 Why they do this is beyond me. The woman is no longer around and lost power years ago. She did many good things, not everything was a poison chalice. She created homes for lots of people and improved the rail services.

 Miners and miners’ wives seem to have a little bit of a chip on the shoulder about the decisions she made.

 But looking back the decisions she made were for the good of the country.

 It’s about time everyone especially the miners moved on and stopped dwelling in the past.

Mick, The Pen, Brown

Parties are out of touch

There was much upbeat talk regarding the Northern Powerhouse by George Osborne on the campaign trail.

 Now what do we have, that’s right it’s cancelled, a u-turn already.

 Mr Osborne is quick to blame network rail, but I’m afraid all it is guilty of is allowing itself to be bullied by Mr Osbourne and his party, so they could spout out during the election campaign that they are the party for the North.

 The sad thing is the Northern Powerhouse was never going to happen, and if it did it wasn’t coming anywhere near us.

 Again this is not a Labour supporter calling the Tory’s, as I’m afraid they are both out of touch with the people of this country.

Ged Taylor


No trust in councillors

The Government has produced a new buzzword, Northern Powerhouse.

 This seems to be a rehash of yesteryear’s Northern Assembly, which if allowed to go forward meant another layer of Government with more jobs for the boys (more snouts in the trough) and was touted round the area by none other than John Prescott as the greatest idea ever.

 Obviously, his involvement prompted a No vote.

 However, this time it seems we are not to be consulted and the decision lies in the hands of our locally elected councillors so, need we be concerned?

 I think I would prefer to be marking a cross.

J Jones


Young need licence help

So the BBC is going to fund the TV licence for over 75?

 The elderly whinge and moan about not wanting to be treated differently because they’re old – well let them buy their own TV licence!

 A lot of these fogies are sitting on goldmines because they were lucky enough to be young in an age of safe, cushy jobs, generous pay packets and company pensions and sensible property prices.

 If anyone needs a free TV licence it’s today’s young.

Claire Porter