Letters, Monday, January 5, 2015

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Equality is not for the select few

 However, gay ‘lifestyle’ magazines, featuring equally scantily clad young men on the cover, are still out in the open for all to see (at Asda in Boldon, for one) – how can this be fair?

 I don’t bring this up because I have a problem with gay people or because I’m even offended, but if we’re supposed to have an equal society these days – as we’re constantly being told – I think it’s only right that the lads’ mags are uncovered once again.

 What’s good for the goose is good for the gander, after all (or in this case, the gander and the gander who likes other ganders).

 We often hear about the ‘objectification’ of women, but what about the men on these magazine covers?

 I don’t imagine these chiseled, oil-covered, thong-wearing Adonises are there for their personality or intelligence.

 Equality means everyone is treated the same, not special treatment for the select few.

Stuart Nattrass

Not fit for purpose

I REALLY enjoy Open all Hours, especially when Arkwright gets a bit nervous with that finger snapping till.

 Arriva Bus drivers have a similar nervous attitude to the “Arkwright Tills” on Arriva Buses.

 They frequently don’t work and the poor drivers get their knickers

in a twist trying to keep to schedules.

 The other day, I was going to Bishop Auckland from Cockfield. There were half a dozen Canadians returning to Canada afte spending Christmas with friends in Evenwood.

 The poor bus driver went into contortions trying to get the till to work.

 This has gone on for long enough and perhaps the suppliers of both the software and hardware

of these bus vending machines could put it right.

 The bus driver is there to drive us to our destination safely and not get frustrated and anxious from a piece of electronic equipment, which, to my mind, is not fit for purpose.

Bill Craggs,


Just left to suffer

THIS Government is determined to delay the historic child abuse enquiry by whatever means.

 Teresa may says its hard trying to find the right person but what she means is it’s hard trying to find someone who will paper over all the establishment’s connection.

 Why not pick John Stalker, remember him, the ex-police chief from Manchester? He was brought in to paper over the government’s collusion in the shoot to kill enquiry that went on in Ireland.

 Mr Stalker left no stone unturned and his findings went straight to Thatcher’s door.

 Sadly, after that any enquiry where an establishment figure is involved, and this one seems to have plenty, will be whitewashed over.

 Suffer little children, or should we say suffer in silence, Mr Cameron.

Ged Taylor