Letters, Monday, January 24th, 2010

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MP blinkered about Labour’s legacy

I WOULD like to state a few home truths about the comments made in the Echo by Kevan Jones MP, regarding the Coalition Government cuts.

Mr Jones has been a keen ally of the previous Labour Government which left the country in a total financial mess and thereby created the conditions for Labour’s defeat.

He blindly followed the deceit of the discredited warmonger Blair and voted for the war in Iraq.

He also supports the unnecessary conflict in Afghanistan – conflicts which, apart from costing billions of pounds, are still costing hundreds of our servicemen and women their lives with thousands of others seriously maimed and injured, and also possibly many more thousands traumatised.

Who knows what the eventual cost to this country, because of these senseless wars, will be?

Mr Jones was also part of the Labour Government that bailed out the bankers and speculators and in many cases gave them massive financial rewards.

This does not surprise me because it was Mr Jones’s Government that presided over and took advantage of the MPs’ expenses scandal.

He also does not remind us that Labour also introduced tuition fees which will mean our youth have to go needlessly into debt to get education.

Yes, before Mr Jones starts bleating he should examine his conscience and he may discover he and his colleagues created the conditions that paved the way for the current Government to be elected.

S. Jones, Birtley Avenue, Town End Farm, Sunderland

Respect staff

AS a regular visitor to the main post office in Fawcett Street, I have witnessed from time to time certain persons being very abusive towards the counter staff.

I do not know exactly the reason for this, but I do know that the staff have to work within certain rules and regulations – for instance, asking for ID to ensure that any payments due are going to the right person.

Pure common sense, I imagine, to most people.

As a pensioner myself, I have mislaid and lost my payment card and had other problems as well, but the staff have always been most helpful and pleasant and sorted these problems very professionally and with the minimum of fuss, for which I have always been extremely grateful.

We should always consider that they are somebody’s wife, mother, sister, brother etc, and should be respected.


Messy problem

I WAS pleased to see at last litter louts and dog owners are to be taken in hand. I have written to the Echo on several occasions (particularly about the dog fouling issue).

I live in a Wimpey flat on Goalmouth Close where there is a grass area and several flower beds (which the tenants of the flats paid for), as a deterrent to footballs and other activities which cause annoyance to residents.

For a few years I have done my best to keep the area clean and tidy. As I am now in my 80s I am not so able, but I still strive to pick up the bottles, cans and polystyrene cartons.

The problem that causes me most annoyance is the increasing parade of dogs brought to the area. I think more fines should be issued and heavier penalties.

I must say I have never seen a dog warden about. The money paid in fines could pay for him. I am sure I wouldn’t risk being fined £100 more than once.

I would like to see heavy fines – make examples of a few and name and shame.

These people sneak up the back lanes in this area so they are hidden from view.

Hoping to see some improvement.

D. McMamaron, Goalmouth Close, Roker, Sunderland

Selective liberals

SOMEONE once said: scratch a liberal and you will find a fascist underneath. Certainly many of them are highly selective when it comes to condemning wrongs.

The shocking news that organised gangs of Muslim men are preying upon young, non-Muslim girls has met with, at best, a muted response.

As might be expected, it was pointed out that such behaviour involves a small minority and is not representative of the Muslim community as a whole.

This, of course, is true, but how often is the restriction applied to the Catholic priesthood when one of their number is erred?

Having abolished the 10 Commandments, liberal secularists have replaced them with single statute – thou shalt not be judgmental. It has become a mantra for them. We hear it all the time.

Yet on his recent visit to these shores, the Pope was faced with a veritable tsunami of judgmentalism, as celebrity liberals fell over one another to attack him.

It seems that while most of us strive with varying degrees of success, to observe all 10 Commandments, it is asking too much of liberals to expect them to observe their one.

PB, Ivy Avenue, Seaham