Letters, Monday, January 23rd, 2012

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No point in elected head of state

ACCORDING to H. Whipple we should make “Betty Windsor” redundant and have an elected head of state.

Apart from the fact that an elected head of state will be in constant conflict with Westminster, what actually will be gained from changing something that has worked reasonably well – better, in fact, than all the republics in the world?

Can H. Whipple explain why, if republican regimes do as well as he thinks they do, do we in England have more migrants from the republics of Poland, Romania, Yugoslavia, Pakistan, Eire and Nigeria etc than the total of the population of H. Whipple’s ancestral home of Scotland? And that in spite of the fact England is about the most over-populated state in the world.

Scotland has a devolved government. Alex Salmon is hoping to have full independence. As a little Englander I hope he succeeds and, as well as Scotland, I hope both Wales and Ulster are provided with full independence, for that will be very beneficial to England as it costs over £10billion to subsidise the rest of the UK and, with independence all round, England will be able to reallocate that £10billion to provide the 10million poorest English people with an extra £1,000 a year.

Naturally, I presume, when Scotland is the socialist republic of H. Whipple’s dreams he will be returning to live in his ancestral homeland. That too will be of benefit to England with not only not having to subsidise Scotland by billions, we won’t have to wet nurse them by millions in England too, something we have been doing for over 300 years now. It also means England won’t be so over-populated.

In point of fact, England, with independence, will be entering a new golden age of all-round ecological blessings.

J. Young, Alexander Terrace, Fulwell, Sunderland

Photo search

MY brother has been trying to find a photo of when he used to play football for Sunderland juniors in 1967.

His name is Jimmy Mullen, 19 Adelaide Close, Hendon, Sunderland, SR1 2JN. His phone number is 07502 363356. He played four games and scored a goal every game. He has recently been poorly and had treatment for cancer. He would be over the moon if someone got in touch with him or he could get a photo.

Thanking you very much.

Jean Linton, Mariner Square, Hendon

Same old stuff

A NEW year, so I turn with eager anticipation to the Letters Page to see some new ideas or fresh topics for debate.

And what do we get? The same old letters from the same people on the same old subjects. Already in January we’ve had Mick Brown going on yet again above chavs in pyjamas, Alan Wright about the financial mess left behind by Labour, and Henry Whipple had another dig at the lady he calls Betty Windsor.

Are staff at Echo Towers aware that certain people are writing in ad nauseam on the same subjects?

Incidentally, the story Councillor Wright keeps repeating about an outgoing Government admitting leaving nothing behind in the kitty is an old one. It dates from 1964 when Reggie Maudling greeted Jim Callaghan, his successor as Chancellor.

Frank Seely, Cotswold Close, Washington

(Editor’s note: Between January 2 and 21, a total of 117 letters appeared in the Echo. Of these, Mick the Pen, Coun Wright and Mr Whipple had one each, so they’re not exactly dominating the Letters Page.)

Refuge thanks

REFUGE staff would like to say a big thank-you to everyone who contributed to the Toy Appeal. The giving tree was full of beautiful gifts that the children in our project were so excited and grateful to receive.

Once again Wearsiders showed what generous and giving people they are. The gifts made Christmas so much more bearable for the mams as they knew the children would not be going without.

A big thank-you to Eric O’Hara and the team from the Bethany Christian Centre for all their support, for the food hampers and for providing the venue for the children’s Christmas party, which was a huge success.

Big appreciation to WWIN director Clare Phillipson who works tirelessly around the clock to ensure all the children receive their toys on time. Thank you.

Staff and volunteers, Coalfields Refuge, Washington

Wasting money

RE the councillor’s trip to Africa: it is typical of this council wasting our money, with previous junkets to China and America. It must be nice to have all your breaks paid by the council taxpayers.

This council wastes more money than any that I have known, including paying very good salaries to union officials instead of the union paying them.

Keith Bell