Letters, Monday, January 19, 2015

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Beat the blues, be a volunteer

THE charity Leonard Cheshire Disability is calling for people around the UK who want to do something amazing and help combat Blue Monday.

 It is said that today is the most depressing day of the.

 However, people who volunteer are more likely to cope better with the blues than those who don’t.

 Volunteering contributes to social wellbeing and helps people to build connections in their local communities.

 It can also provide a route into employment, ensuring people have the skills and confidence they need to get back into work or change career paths.

 Research has found employers are more likely to choose a candidate with volunteering experience than one without it.

 Volunteers are at the heart of everything we do at Leonard Cheshire Disability. You’ll have fun, forge new friendships and really make a positive difference to the lives of disabled people.

 There are all sorts of ways to get involved, from gardening and IT training to befriending or supporting someone to go out in their local community.

 Whatever your skills we’d like to hear from you.

 To find out more, contact me on 020 3242 0296 or email: begona.mendez@leonardcheshire.org

Begoña Mendez

Volunteer Enabling Co-ordinator at Leonard Cheshire Disability

Labour is not to blame for crisis

IN a national paper interview, Lord Mervyn Kind said Labour was not to blame for the financial melt down.

 The former Bank of England chief worked from 2003 to 2013.

 Every time David Cameron is in the House of Commons – every Wednesday – he shouts his head off right – face red as beetroot – asking Mr Miliband umpteen times to apologise to the country.

 In America, the ones who did the same as that lot of fiddlers in this country, should have been jailed.

 Like the ones in America, the people in this county got bonuses, but ,of course, the bankers support Mr Cameron.

 Mr Osborne shouted in the House of Commons that we should stop calling the bankers.

 Of course, the old saying, you scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours comes to mind.

Mrs Grace Cassidy,


Party a real treat for club members

ON behalf of all of Age Concern Sunderland’s Social Focus Group members, we write to express our sincere thanks to the following:-

 The Rosedene for once again hosting a Christmas party on Wednesday, December 10.

 For many of our members it’s a real treat to go out for a meal.

 Our members are still talking about how much they enjoyed this lunch and how kind it was of Anita, John and the team at the Rosedene to host this event.

Judith Nelson and Grace Weir,

Social Focus Co-ordinators

Sunderland Age UK,

Bradbury Centre,