Letters, Monday, January 12, 2015

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Thanks for work through the year

ON behalf of everyone I would like to thank Mrs Ann Shields and committee of Moorsley Care for the Aged for all their work over the year and for the excellent Christmas party held at the Big Club, Hetton. A wonderful time was had by everyone.

 There was a beautiful Christmas dinner, free raffle and great entertainment and bingo. Also thanks to Alan and Bobby for their support and to Ron of Safari Coaches for getting everyone to and from the venue.

 I would also like to thank Terry and Jacky and the committee of the Residents of Moorsley. Many thanks for all the hard work you all extend over the year and for the Christmas festivities, including Santa’s Grotto for the children, the Remembrance garden and Christmas tree and the excellent party tea. Many thanks and best wishes for 2015.

Mrs Ann Clennell,

Low Moorsley.

Let’s have some value for money

I SEE that Sunderland is to get £9m from the government to tackle potholes. Let us hope that the roads and back lanes of High Barnes aren’t missed out.

 Community News informs us that St Lukes Terrace has been given new advertising litter bins. Cleveland Road has had a rusty old bin replaced twice this year after the council was informed that it was tilting over. After it happened a second time, surely it should have been replaced with a new one?

 One of the other perks which St Lukes Terrace is receiving is additional street cleansing. We wouldn’t mind some of that in my area. We certainly have a problem with dog dirt and leaves apart from the usual litter.

 Good for St Lukes Terrace – I don’t begrudge them but we all pay our rates. Let’s see some results and value for money.

Name and address supplied

Less on Royals, more on NHS

WITH the recent news that the NHS is struggling so badly, including patients having to wait for hours in A&E, I have a suggestion: Why don’t we get rid of the Royal family and use the money that they get from us on more hospitals, doctors and nurses? Surely I can’t be the only one who finds it disgusting that people are being left in agony for hours, and maybe even dying before they’re seen, while we keep these parasites in the lap of luxury?

 Of course, people will trot out the old cliché about how it only costs 56p per person for the upkeep of the Royals. Now that doesn’t seem like much, and I’m not naive enough to think I’d get my 56p back if the Royals were done away with, but it adds up to more than £36m – just keep that in mind that next time you or one of your loved ones is lying in pain in a hospital corridor for hours or days on end.

 I’ll guarantee you one thing though, when Middleton squeezes out her next freeloader later on this year, she won’t have to worry about getting a bed.

Lesley Garside,