Letters, Monday, February 9, 2015

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Bus change was for the worst

ON Sunday, January 25, a lot of the buses changed, not for the better.

The 35A no longer comes past where my partner and I live,.

In fact, we have no bus now that goes into the Sunderland Interchange where we can get other connection when we travel to Stockton, Middlesbrough, etc. on the weekend.

We also used to travel the other way to Houghton, getting on the bus just across the road, to Burnside to visit family.

Now we have to go back down to Sunderland using the Stagecoach 12 or 13, getting off at Holmeside, then walking up to Sunderland Interchange, not very pleasant as my partner had a stroke which left him disabled.

As for the new 33A which replaced the 35A, it is a complete waste of time.

Mrs J Smith,

Aged Miners Homes,

New Silksworth,


Mosque parking

WITH all the traffic congestion around St Mark’s Road area in Millfield, I found it unbelievable that our Labour council has given the go-ahead for another new mosque to be built.

Residents around this area are unable to park on their own doorsteps as it is, without creating more parking problems.

Many people are under the impression the Labour council doesn’t think anough about the people who voted them into power.

But times may change, hopefully at the next election. Labour does not represent the ordinary working class anymore.

Mr C Clark,

High Barnes

Cost of funerals

I READ with interest the letter from reader T Young (Echo January 23) about the high cost of funerals. Some people have gone in for DIY funerals and some have bought good value cardboard coffins through the post. I don’t know if you can still buy them this way.

 A good way to knock the price down is to go for cremation rather than burial. Not only is burying dearer but most people then buy a headstone which bumps the price up even more. Also, if you are having caterers phone them yourself otherwise your funeral director will charge a lot more for making the phone call.

 Most interestingly, you can opt for a direct cremation – a ‘funeral without a funeral’, where an undertaker has the body cremated and then returns the ashes without a ceremony.

 This is becoming more popular, as they can cost £1,000 when the average price of a funeral is £3,500.

 I didn’t even know that this choice existed as funeral directors have certainly kept quiet about it in their adverts and funeral plans.

 It is important to shop around and look at all the options ahead of time.

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