Letters, Monday, February 4, 2013

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Lollipop lady’s high five ban is daft

I AM not easily shocked and at 87 years of age I have seen many shocking things.

 But I couldn’t belive what I was reading in the Echo, January 25. The idiot who was complaining about the lollipop lady needs to see his doctor.

  I have a great-great-grandson who attends that school and like most small boys he does not like kissing females of any age. We have an agreement that we do high fives, which is healthier than kissing anyway. I do hope the person who has banned the lady from this harmless practice realises how ridiculous he has been.

  I am pleased that none of the parents are complaining. After all if they are happy with the situation then it is nobody else’s business.

 It seems everything children do that is harmless and makes them happy has to be banned. I do hope the lollipop lady will ignore the stupidity of the situation.

 Remember the children, the parents and all the public are on your side.

Mrs D Middlemist,


Dangerous policies

IN 2009, before this ragtag of a Government was in power, I warned that if George Osborne’s proposals became policies it would mean disaster for Britain.

 The Labour party and some of the world’s leading economists advised Osborne that when you are in a deep recession you short cut public spending until you are in the boom phase.

 The consequences of cutting too soon and too deep is to drive the economy into a depression.

 George, with no financial experience and with right-wing ideology on his mind, refused to listen. When elected he promptly cut deeply.

 Not surprisingly his targets were ordinary families, the vulnerable and those on benefits.

 His own people (millionaires) received generous tax cuts.

 Now after more than two years of economic madness, which has brought our economy virtually to a standstill, doubt is finally creeping into the Coalition camp.

 Even the Deputy Prime Minister, Nick Clegg, now admits Osborne’s policies are detrimental to the British people.

 Like rats deserting a sinking ship, leading Tories are at last acknowledging that Osborne cut too far and too fast.

 Clegg has done a U-turn and is now saying: “Put money back into the pockets of people on middle and low incomes, and pour billions of investment towards building UK infrastructure.”

 We are being dragged into a “triple-dip” recessions which will bring more misery to the majority.

 The Government’s own office for budget responsibility states that since June 2010, UK debt rose from £811.11billion to the current £1.11trillion.

 The evidence shows Osborne’s incompetence and how dangerous he is to the nation’s economy.

W Quinn,


On track for Grace

THE final total that you, the public, donated to Grace House in 2012, via that clown, was £26,574 and you have started the new year in the same way by giving more than £2,500 in January. This means we are on target to reach our goal of £30,000 this year.

 Even before the first collection, cheques totalling £110 came to my home. One, for £30, was in a Christmas card with simply “keep up the good work” on it. Other cheques to the value of £80 came from three retired nurses, from Seaham, who, instead of buying each other gifts, donated the money to Grace House.

 They are, apparently, known as the “Seaham Mafia” and their leader is Edith Roberts, a very good friend of Grace House.

 On Saturday, January 5, £504 was donated at Sainsbury’s in Washington. On Saturday, January 12, £183 was raised at Sainsbury’s, Gilesgate, followed the next day by £317 from the panto audience at The Theatre Royal in Newcastle. On Friday, January 17, and Saturday, January 19, during atrocious weather conditions, customers at Morrisons, Seaburn, donated almost £930. On Tuesday, January 22, the clown accepted a cheque for £200 from Asda, Seaham, from its “Chosen by you – given by us” scheme. Finally on January 26, more than £306 was given by customers at Asda Pennywell, which is brilliant for a smaller store.

 If you see that geriatric clown out and about, please say hello. God Bless you all.

Jeff Coxon,


Thanks for support

I WOULD like to thank everyone who donated to the Teenage Cancer Trust.

 We took part in the Boxing Day Dip at Seaham and raised £775 thanks to the staff and customers at Murton Village Inn, npower (Thornaby) and friends.

 A special thank you to the Pemberton Arms Guest House as the staff and customers took part in the dip along with myself, my son Anthony and grandson Hayden.

 The Pemberton Arms is continuing to support the Teenage Cancer Trust by holding a “onesie” party on Saturday, February 9, at the guest house with entertainment, raffles and an auction. Everyone is welcome to come along. Thanks again to everyone for your support Keith Knox,