Letters, Monday, February 27th, 2012

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NHS hospitals are there for everyone

DAVID Cameron is adamant about destroying NHS hospitals. These are institutions that were set up for all, not the rich or the poor, everyone.

In fact the whole of the Welfare State was set up for everyone in pain or suffering. Why does he want to take away the last bastion of the people’s sanctuary when ill?

Private practice is there for the rich people who perhaps want a little more pampering and want to be seen to quicker. They know with their money they don’t have to mix with any other class of patient. If these people want to pay over the odds while already paying into the NHS through taxes, then this is their prerogative, but not when the NHS hospitals are made to accommodate them, to the detriment of NHS ideals.

Another thing I often wonder about: you get in touch with walk-in centres like the Grindon and Bunny Hill mini health centres. Nine times out of 10 you are sent to A&E anyway, and when I have been to one of these centres I’ve noticed how empty and quiet they are and there are never any specialists on hand and treatment is limited.

I’m not downgrading the nursing staff who work there, but sometimes they are not allowed to offer certain drugs or treatment, so there is stress to a person who is suffering in any way, being bounced from one to another.What’s the point? I often ask myself why these super clinics have been set up – something for the future maybe?

Something else on my mind: has anyone found any differences to treatment for long-term illness after reaching say 70 years, whether it be treatment or medication or just general attitude? Just a thought.

Colin S. Wasey, Zetland Square, Monkwearmouth

Double standards

IN 2010 a Conservative councillor was rightly condemned for telling an inappropriate joke. He was subsequently suspended from the party and disciplined through Standards.

On January 20, 2010, Sunderland MP Sharon Hodgson, along with Labour candidates Julie Elliot and Bridget Phillipson, had a letter published in the Echo in which they stated: “It brings shame upon the local Conservative Party that they felt able to select someone who holds such views.”

They concluded their 2010 letter by stating: “We are confident that there will be no sympathy among the public for these views and that they will be remembered in the months to come”.

It’s a shame consistancy has not been applied re a more recent “inapropriate” action, this time by a Labour councillor. Where is the public condemnation from these three Sunderland MPs?

Double standards are alive and well in Sunderland.

Coun Alan Wright, Conservative, St Chad’s Ward

Lost money

I WAS out shopping on Monday, February 13. I had made a withdrawal at the bank a few days before and set out to buy some items of furniture.

I put the cash into an envelope and put it in my shopping bag. After looking around I went for a bite to eat before heading back home – no sale.

I was in the area of Sunderland railway station and headed up the main streets towards the bus station area in Park Lane and realised my money was missing. I don’t know if I have pulled it out of my bag or if I was pick-pocketed.

I am a pensioner with poor eyesight and am devastated. I have informed the police, so if anyone has found it and hands it in I will give them a reward for its safe return.

Name and address supplied

Shops problem

AS an elderly resident living behind Town End Farm shops, I am appalled by the number of kids hanging around there on a night.

There’s broken glass all over the place, the kids play football against the shutters and they even climb on the shop roofs.

There’s a CCTV camera on the shops, but nothing is getting done. It’s probably not even switched on.

I think the police, council or their parents need to know about this situation, as I bet they wouldn’t like to live here like I do.

Mrs K. Baily, Town End Farm, Sunderland

Quick response

I WOULD like to take this opportunity to praise the response of Northumbrian Water to a blocked drain outside my house recently.

The service I received from them was first class. The phone staff were very helpful and the job was done within an hour.

Well done to you all. I’m a very satisfied customer.

George Phillips, Bramwell Road, Hendon, Sunderland