Letters, Monday, February 25, 2013

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MPs have cheek to condem gambling

IT amazes me how our two local MPs have the audacity to voice their opinions regarding the amount of money that is spent on fixed odds betting terminals (FOBT) in our city.

 Well, what party was in power when towns and cities throughout the UK were in line for the super casino? It was Labour, and were members complaining? No.

 Like all MPs they need to come into the real world and find out how normal people are living day to day, rather the high life of a MP.

 Have they really looked at gambling in general, and by that I mean the amount of adverts on our TV screens regarding bingo sites, Postcode Lottery, National Lottery, Health Lottery? Have they complained about Camelot increasing the cost of buying a lottery ticket in the autumn? I dont think so.

 Gambling has been going on since time began and will do when we are not here.

 To me they should be looking at what initiatives they have to bring prosperity to our city, especially our city centre.

 I thought that when you were elected to Parliament it was for the good of people with their best interests at heart, not to give yourselves £20,000 pay rises.

 Think about who got you there in the first place.

George Gibson,


Parking eyesores

HOW on earth can Sunderland councilors sleep at night when they ask the likes of Prestige Nursing Care to take down a perfectly good, neat and tidy sign above its offices and yet, drive along any Sunderland main road and all you see are old rusty cars and vans parked on the path or grass advertising “we want your scrap car, taxi firms or double glazing etc etc”.

  If I were to go into Sunderland city centre and couldn’t find a parking spot and just parked on the path or grass, I know exactly what would happen – a yellow peril would slap a hefty ticket on my screen or it would be clamped.

 Come on Sunderland Council, make it one rule for all and get these eyesores off our streets – oops, I mean pavements.

 Make Sunderland a pleasure to drive around and make these people pay for their advertising – the way other businesses have to.

Brian Knox

Recovering well

ON Wednesday, January 16, while out for a walk with my husband, I slipped on the ice, near the entrance of Burnmoor Cricket Club. Our grateful thanks to the people who stopped to help. I regret that I did not get your names to thank you personally.

 The young man, who was obviously on his way to work (in a small dark car), and the couple in a red car.

 We can’t thank this couple enough, who told us in conversation that they were foster parents, that is all we know about you.

 They stayed with us the whole time while we waited for the ambulance and without their help and that of the brilliant paramedics, I just dread to think what would have happened.

 I had broken my hip and following surgery for a total hip replacement, I am now recovering well at home.

 Once again, thanks to you all.

Pauline Giles,


‘I’m no engineer’

I WAS just thinking the other day what The Little Waster, Bobby Thompson, would make of today’s world?

 He might have found it hard not being allowed to smoke on stage; even adverts for his DVD are dubbed now, if you’ve noticed.

 But there would still be plenty of material for someone whose act revolved around debt.

 He could simply modernise and throw a few well-known company names in for gags. I’m sure he would have had a field day with: “There’s a lorra debt in ere. I’m surprised you’ve made it. Thought you would have been at home watching ya tele’s from BrightHouse.” Or “I’ve come out the way of all those dreaded letters from Wonga? Eh, I can’t move for mine. I’m up ta ere with them. I only wish I was a bit taller.”

 Undoubtedly he would have used this, one of his jokes brought up-to-date: “I’ve eaten so many Tesco burgers and Findus lasagnes, if someone cracks a whip am away on a gallop.”

 Apologies, however, if my attempts aren’t quite up to his standards, but in Bobby’s words: “I’m no engineer.”

G Engel

High Barnes

A credit to city

A BORN and bred Liverpool fan (Scousers as well), I recently got back from holidaying in Dubai, where Sunderland’s first team squad were staying on the same floor in our hotel.

 Don’t believe everything you read about “millionaire footballers” abroad.

 What a nice bunch of lads. The staff didn’t even notice them in the hotel.

 They must have all been in bed by 9pm.

 Thanks lads you were a credit to your club and city.

Gerard Collins