Letters, Monday, February 23, 2015

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The election silly season started

WHILE the pantomime season is over, unfortunately, the silliness is still with us as events surrounding the decision of the Labour majority to close down three stations was taken despite opposition from the Conservative members.

 It was the decision by the chairman of the Fire Authority presenting the motion of closure on the flimsy excuse that it was because of cuts.

 There has been cuts and they will continue as the Government strives to put to rights the mess left by Labour Government.

 The decision to increase the precept to the fire authority by £170,000, which is as they say is miniscule by todays standards seems to suggest that the decision to cut three stations was a political ploy.

 Many think the sensible action to increase of the precept could have been introduced last year and would have removed the threat of closures, and consequences such as those were published on the front page of the Echo which depicted the Sunderland Central Labour MP demonstrating her version of pre-electioneering.

 That together with the political manoeuvring by Sunderland’s Labour Council to discredit the Coalition Government have been proven as nothing but attempts to influence the result of the forthcoming Local and General Elections. Indeed the conspiracy theory becomes more believable when one recalls the remarks attributed, to a member of the FBU, who it is reported said that ‘we are convinced that certain members of the Fire Authority wanted to drive through cuts deeper and harder than they need to, so they can say they were forced into the closures by the Coalition Government’.

 Talk about the pantomime season? We could have one every week with the shenanigans of the current Labour council.

Cllr George Howe

Fulwell Ward

Disaster of the Greek situation

GERMAN Europe and the Greek Government are in a dance of death. Neither side has the slightest credibility.

 German Europe has destroyed constitutions, democracies and economies and condemned German taxpayers to pick up the massive bill for its new and bankrupt empire.

 The Greek Government under the left wing Syriza wishes to remain in the Euro but will not accept the hideous economic consequences.

 German Europe did not allow Greek exchange controls so the Oligarchs withdrew some 240,000 million Euros which was funded by massive and unrepayable state debt. That “euro-corporate” money will not return until Greece leaves the Euro – but the Greek Government will not leave the Euro.

 The Germans know they have guaranteed ECB loans to Greece, which will not be repaid whether Greece leaves the Euro or not.

 What a disaster – predictable and indeed predicted.

Rodney Atkinson