Letters, Monday, February 2, 2015

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Time ticking on Tory injustice

NOT for a second have I got time for Tory leader Councillor Lee Martin’s callous remark that we should not have had the Wheatsheaf junction clock.

 How can he treat it so offhandedly, when the clock was established to mark Armistice Day and commemorate a Zepplin raid which dropped bombs that killed 22 people in 1916?

 Lee should understand this council has no control over the clock stopping. Unlike the Tory council, which deliberately stopped the Town Hall clock when it demolished the illustrious building.

 Anyway, I heard it through the grapevine that the clock stopped because it had no time left for Tory policies, which have left thousands of Sunderland citizens suffering financially.

 The clock may not tick but vast numbers of people do; this is how they survive under Lee Martin’s Government.

 With hundreds of millions cut from council funding by Osborne, there will be almost zero help for the poor and vulnerable.

 Will the Tory council leader find the time to complain to his colleagues in the Government regarding this injustice?

W Quinn

Two sides to story

ON the 50th anniversary of his death, there’s no getting away from Churchill’s contribution in the Second World War.

 My father and millions of other courageous men and women also

contributed in the war – some not living to see the end.

 The big difference is most fought against fascism, whereas Churchill’s mandate was to protect the empire and its ruling class.

 It was common knowledge that he was an admirer of Mussolini. 

 He also favoured Hitler’s

politics until Hitler tried to expand his empire. He never thought twice about using those brave men and women like the toy soldiers he played with as a child. And as a minister he never gave a thought to the striking miners in Wales as he sent the troops in,with the words “get the rats back in their holes”.

 History has and I’m sure always will be kind to Winston, but let’s not forget every story has two sides to it.

Ged Taylor


Time off school

ON Page 12 of the Echo on Thursday, January 29, Dr M Thurlbeck says of school attendance: “Try taking your child away for a few days and you will be fined.”

 On Page 4 of the same issue it is recorded, without comment, that the head of Grindon Hall School had given permission for children to take a day off to attend a demonstration in London.

 Is this not the same school which already has about four weeks more holidays per school year than comparable local schools (according to its website)?

 Well, at least now we know why the kids like it so much.

Jim Riddle