Letters, Monday, February 17, 2014

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It’s time for others to do their bit ...

I’M NOT sorry for what I have tried to do for the city of Sunderland in the past – in fact, I’m proud of it.

 I’m not sorry now for nailing my colours to the mast and saying all of this. I’m proud of my neck of the woods.

 On June 30, 2000, I got my photo in the Echo for writing to film-makers in England and America about Sunderland, telling them that it’s an ideal film location. That’s my love for Sunderland.

 There’s more – in November 2010, I wrote to the Echo letters page about turning the old, empty synagogue in Ryhope Road into Sunderland’s own Magic Circle.

 In 2012 I wrote to the bosses of The Bridges to ask if they would bring a magic shop into the centre because I think the city should have one, and of course, my love for magic.

 But now it’s up to someone else to do their bit for Sunderland – I’ve stopped now.

 At least one member of the Sunderland public tried – me, Edwin.

 One more thing to add – Sunderland is great.

Edwin Robinson,

Zetland Square,


Don’t vote Labour if you want change

THERE have been quite a few folk writing in about the state of the city centre, complaining about council leaders and “deafening silence” from our council about impending closure of the central fire and police stations.

 It doesn’t always have to be that way – together we can make a real difference. The destiny is in our hands by getting people in who will act and move forward.

 Simply don’t vote Labour in the next local elections, it’s a no brainer. Enough said.

Mark Grimes,

East Herrington.

Our own, real life Monument Man

THE opening of the new film The Monuments Men has prompted me to write this letter.

 My father, Johnny Hughes, owned the only furniture removal van in Seaham during wartime and was commissioned to park one of his vans next to where we lived in Queen Street. It was to be kept filled with petrol ready to move on orders to collect valuables from banks and art works from the museum, should the Germans land.

 My father was also occupied with his other lorry, repairing the runways on airfields in North Yorkshire. He built the van himself and was well known in Seaham, a bit of a legend, I believe.

Alma Thompson (nee Hughes),


A plan to prevent antics on bridge

TWO men were arrested after more than an hour of antics on Monkwearmouth bridge (Echo, February 7).

 Why doesn’t the council build a sewage farm underneath the bridge, either suspended from steel wires from the bridge itself, or supported by very high scaffolding well above the river?

 Perhaps that will deter daredevils!

R Tomlinson,