Letters, Monday, December 24, 2012

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Careers evening a waste of time

LAST week, I and hundreds of others attended a careers evening at a local supermarket in which it was hoped we could put our names down for vacancies in a new store opening next year.  

 Instead, we were effectively told to go home and apply online.  

 They didn’t take our names, CVs, nothing. Why on earth did they trail everyone in, on a night where the roads were like glass, I might add, to tell us something we already knew?

 Everybody is capable of contributing but most employers are disinclined to train someone up if they haven’t the relevant experience.

 Therefore, one would think that a new supermarket branch would create jobs that don’t require any qualifications.

 Unfortunately not. Shelf-stacking was once considered a dead-end job, but nowadays, thanks to our ludicrous recruitment process, even that position is unnecessarily hard to come by.

 What with all this and the ever-present threat of having their benefit stopped, unemployed people are frustrated enough without being led down blind alleys by these ‘career evenings’ and other assorted stunts.

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Thanks, Amanda

ON Tuesday, December 4, I fell over, injuring my head and face.  

 A lovely young woman named Amanda stopped to help me.  

 She took me and my daughter to casualty. She truly was an angel. Saying thank you does not seem enough for what she did for me.

Mrs M Birtley


‘Royals only out for themselves’

IT does not matter what goes on in this life – no one cares, do they?

 I’m writing about the nurse who committed suicide because of that hoax phone call.

 She didn’t give any information out, so why was it she had to end her own life, and for what?  

 Nothing has been said about the other nurse who did give details out.

 Then again, it makes you wonder, where was the security in all of this?

 Why wasn’t someone in authority manning the phone for the Royal family?

 If it’s so important to keep things like this happening, you would do what you had to do.

 The Royal family makes me sick, they want for nothing in any shape or form, they have a lifestyle people can only dream of.

 Yet when they put themselves in this kind of circumstance, someone else is to blame.

 We get it in our faces all of the time, in the news, on television or in the papers.

 When it’s convenient to get the publicity they want, it’s OK, but then people are ‘invading their privacy’.

 Well, all I can say is keep quiet about what is going on and slip into the background.

 The Royals do nothing for me, I’m afraid, because they don’t pay my bills or put food on the table. The Royals are only out for themselves.

Mrs Crute

High Barnes

‘This is no city’

THE trouble in Millfield over the Mosque to be built is all due to this Council.

 The petition signed by thousands of people made no difference. They went ahead and took no notice of the public.

 I am not a racist. There is a nursing home near with a lot of ill patients, but what does this Council care? I am 95 and I hope the public get their own way.

 This Council is useless, you only have to look at the shops in the town. It’s no city.

Angry Pensioner

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Christmas down The Bridges

A child looks up in wonder at the Sunderland Christmas light,

“If my fatha hadta pay for them, he’d hev te gan on nights”

 Down the new ‘Primani’ festive tills are ringing out,

“Av telt ya if ya touch owt else ya gonna gerra clout”

 The missus with a giant turkey think she’s picked a winner,

Till he yells out “that’s o’er big – its just is Sundus dinner”

 A granny sits down on a bench all worn out and forlorn,

“Eee a shud be on that bus te get me curtains drawn”

 Two wifeys head to Thorntons to check out the Vienesse whirls,

“Any bets a hev te pay – next time at slimmin world”

 And Chardonnay has changed her mind “I want an iPod Five”

“Ne chance – cos ye’ve done bad at skool – ya lucky ya alive!”

 Lasses try on six-inch heels and party frocks too tight,

Hoping Vodka and Red Bull will get them thru the night!

 The Christmas is a stressful time – rummaging thru the rails

And we have to it all again – nest month – when it’s the Sales!!!

A Mackem Poet

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