Letters, Monday, December 12th, 2011

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Ours is certainly not a fair society

J. YOUNG asks, in his reply to my letter, “what is a fair society?” Well, it certainly is not the one in which we live.

My idea of a fair society is one in which everyone is afforded the opportunity of earning a fair day’s pay for a fair day’s work. Not very original, I know, but there are millions in this country who wish for no more than that. Unfortunately, whenever we have a Conservative government, they use mass unemployment as a tool to drive down wages and working conditions in order to increase profits.

It was, of course, inevitable that J. Young would play the “envy” card. Of course I would like to be a millionaire. Who wouldn’t? I have no issues with people being wealthy and I have nothing but admiration for people like Alan Sugar, who through his hard work, innovation and entrepreneurial skills has become a very wealthy man.

Contrast that with David Cameron and the rest of the millionaire muppets currently masquerading as a government. The only effort involved in David Cameron achieving millionaire status was that expended during the process of childbirth. Once he popped out, that was it, a life of luxury and privilege beckoned.

Unfortunately, the millionaires that have earned their status are vastly outnumbered by those who are millionaires by accident of birth and the Tory Party’s sole purpose is to protect the interests of this wealthy elite to the exclusion of all others, including J. Young, who like many other working-class people has been duped, probably by the Daily Mail, into voting Tory.

I had to chuckle at the final part of J. Young’s letter. The first part used reasoned argument and quotes from Shakespeare and Dr. Johnson. It then deteriorated into a xenophobic rant.

E. Royal, Sunderland

Festive message

I HAVE an old school friend, Ray Langland, who lives in Quebec, Canada. We are both nearer 80 years than 70. We exchange Christmas cards each year, along with a bit of news. Enclosed is my Christmas message this year and I wondered if Echo readers might like to share it. I’m sure my friend would not mind.

Happy Christmas to any other Seaham Grammar girls (or staff) reading this. I keep in touch once or twice a year with Miss Kenworthy. Also greetings to friends I knew from our opposite number Ryhope Grammar. Both schools are now demolished, sad to say, but their influence lives on, I’m sure.

HOPE you’re happy.

Hope you’re glad.

We can’t help getting old,

But we don’t want to grow sad.

The aches and pain

Are a nuisance, I know,

Just swallow a painkiller

And keep “on the go”.

My body gets tired,

But I generally find

I can do Sudoku and crosswords.

So “Keep going, Mind!”

My granddaughter (two years)

Takes some “looking-after”

But little things she does

Bring out the laughter.

Have you had snow yet,

Or skied down the piste?

Have you finished your preparations

For the Yuletide feast?

As you sit by your log fire

Exchanging a greeting,

Just pity us

With out soul-less central heating.

The open coal fires

That threw out cosy heat

Are all but gone now

In every street.

I can’t help but think

Of changes that have been made.

In certain cases

I’d rather they’d stayed.

So wrap up warm,

Put Christmas food on the table

With decorations to cheer us,

We should enjoy it while we’re able.

Mrs E. M. Holmes, Barningham Close, Sunderland

Programmes plea

CAN anyone please tell me if a programme or team sheet was printed for the matches below?

I am writing a book about the history of the FA Youth Cup and I would like to include a photograph of any programme or team sheet sold at these games. However, I do not want to waste time on the matter if nothing was issued.

I am looking for: Sunderland Youth v Manchester United Youth, January 17, 1959, February 15, 1961, January 1963 (exact date not known).

Please help if you can. All replies answered.

Tom Barcroft, 14 Beresford Road, Stretford, Manchester M32 0PY

Great evening

ON Tuesday, December 6, the residents of Astral, Planet and Solar House were invited to an evening of entertainment at Infinity.

We would like to thank Gentoo, the Bridges and the council for a very enjoyable evening.

Particular thanks must go to Michelle Wilkinson, housing officer for Gentoo.

Ron and Rose Thompson and Sylvia Mallaburn, Astral House