Letters, Monday, December 10

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Bus shelter is not meant for smokers

 They all seem to be from rented properties – social housing (no offence intended – I was brought up in council houses). I even saw a brother and sister of about 10 walking along Cleveland Road in their pyjamas.

 At least Mick avoids all the antisocial pensioners on buses, at the interchange and in the bus shelters.

 Old women sit at the fold-up seats in the pushchair areas and don’t want to get up when the pushchairs get on.

 It’s bad enough for the mothers because the driver doesn’t usually allow them enough time to park the buggy and apply the brake.

 Then you have them smoking at the interchange while they are waiting for the National Holidays coach.

 I recently wondered why only two women were using a bus shelter in Holmeside. Everbody else, including a lady with a buggy and children, were outside in the cold, damp air.

 I went inside to sit down and the first thing I noticed was that a little old woman had placed her walking stick right along the seat, effectively stopping about three people sitting there.

 I thought that I could sit at the very end of the bench at the front of the queue (though I wouldn’t have jumped the queue) but found that the tiny old woman was standing smoking.

 I told her that there was a notice up there but she carried on smoking, as these people do. So I had to go back in the queue and freeze.

 I have sinus trouble but I don’t want my hair and clothes to stink of smoke or my throat and eyes to be irritated by it.

 People have had five years to get used to this law. There is no excuse and Sunderland enforcement officers should hang their heads in shame because they haven’t fined anyone yet.

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Fight what’s right

TAHIR Khan has penned hundreds, if not thousands of words, about the positive virtues of multiculturalism.

 However, as recent events have shown, when it overrides common sense and discriminates against others, it can be just as vindictive and bigoted as anything the “Far-Right” groups can come up with.

 What happened to vulnerable English girls and loving foster parents in Rotherham was a national disgrace.

 Yet the council remains largely unrepentant. For them the welfare and protection of minority groups trumped everything else, with disastrous consequences.

 Of course we have to confront the twisted logic of mindless thugs, but we must also fight extreme multiculturalism when it rears its ugly head.

M Brown


Dambusters tour

BETWEEN Sunday, May 12, and Saturday, May 18, 2013, I will be leading a coach party from the North of England to Lincolnshire, Holland and Germany to mark the 70th Anniversary of the Dambusters Raid by 617 Squadron in 1943.

 In Lincolnshire, we will visit RAF Scampton, 617 Squadron’s base, where we will see Guy Gibson’s office and the Squadron museum.

 We will be staying in the hotel where 617 Squadron had its officers’ mess. We will also visit the Battle of Britain Memorial flight base to see the Lancaster, Spitfires and Hurricanes. In addition, we will visit the Lincolnshire Aviation centre to have a close up look at a Lancaster bomber and the preserved airfield control tower.

 We will travel from Hull to Holland staying in Arnhem.

 In Holland we will visit the Hartenstein Arnhem museum, Guy Gibson’s grave at Steenbergen and the Reichswald Forest cemetery, where many of the Dambusters crews are buried, before we cross the Rhine to follow the Dambusters’ flight path into Germany.

 In Germany we stay near the Mohne Dam and will have a detailed look at the events and consequences of the raid.

 Local pick up points can be arranged throughout the North to make things as easy as possible and we will travel only during civilised hours of the day.

 We have a few places left and I will be happy to give details to anyone who wishes to come.

 I can be contacted at 2 Eden Gate, Warcop, Appleby-in-Westmorland, Cumbria CA16 6PL, or telephone me at 017683 41060 or 07710 270640.

David Raw,


Bless you all

I WOULD like to thank Father Humble, parishioners of Holy Rosary, St Martha’s Greenside Court for the parties, gifts, cards and flowers on the occasion of my 100th birthday. Not forgetting my lovely neighbours.

 I thank you all sincerely. If I have forgotten anyone I am deeply sorry but I thank you and bless you all.

Kitty Campbell,

Thorney Close

Thanks for support

WE would like to thank everybody for coming to my retirement party.

 The sum raised for the Meningitis Trust Fund was £280.

Mr and Mrs Watson,

The Broadway