Letters, Monday, August 4, 2014

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Will pier work be wasted money?

THE planned opening of the tunnel under the pier will cost £1,000,000 plus. Will it be value for money or just a waste (again)?

 At the moment, the tunnel accesses the lighthouse.

 As a novelty, you should try it at least once. It is a half-mile long, claustrophobic, damp, no windows, electric lights only, and no seats.

 It is an alternative to walking along the pier in the fresh air and sunshine, watching seagulls, fishermen, ships and yachts coming and going, and resting when you wish on the pier railings.

 It is something to do at a seaside resort when the tide is in and where there is little else to amuse visitors

 Closing branch libraries to save a few thousand pounds then spending all this money, even if it does come from a different kitty, seems odd.

 All that money wasted on the replacement pier gates. All that was required was to chip off the old paint and maybe change the colour. What about red and white stripes, or maybe even gold and silver? Could have been a job for those on community service.

 More than £70,000 spent on new stainless steel gates, which after only a few weeks were no longer stainless.

G W Donoghue,


Towards war

Stressed companions awake me

Screeching bombs shake me

My comrades fly like rag dolls.

Lines and lines of worried horses

Ready to plummet into battle.

Bang! Bang! My mate gone! Gone for good!

Bullets fly over my head

Straight into private Harry’s forehead.

Only a few minutes left?

We need to show them we are powerful

Time up

Who won?

Nicolas Hoey, 11,


The Bloody Somme

GUNS blazed at Somme

That blistering August day

When death ran in rivers

As humanity lost its way.

Green, treeless land

Pitted with artillery shells

Graveyard for rotting bodies

That mingles with cordite smells.

Pregnant black rat

Engorged carrying fleas

Slinks across ‘No Man’s Land’

Carrying typhus disease.

Soldiers’ return to slumber

Line up for stand to drill

Load up Enfield rifles

Ready for essential kill.

Orders command ‘over the top’

Boche are on the run

Fix your sharpened bayonets

Destroy the bloody Hun.

Alex Braithwaite,


Such generosity

MEMBERS of the Sunderland and South Shields branch of Guide Dogs for the Blind Association would like to thank the people of Sunderland for their wonderful generosity during the collection day on July 19.

 A total of £381.62 was raised.

 We are very grateful to everyone concerned.

Pat Orrell

Secretary, Sunderland & South Shields GDBA,

West Boldon