Letters, Monday, August 3, 2015

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Please put our city first

To anyone in Sunderland who can remember the last time we were involved with a joint venture with Newcastle.

 They got everything going and we got the crumbs.

 When you think back, we had reasonable shops, and a town centre that still had some form of character.

 This council seems hell bent on finally killing Sunderland off, not only in its existence, but the very name.

 Can you imagine being called Greater Newcastle because that’s where it will end, if you let this council have its way. The Labour Party in the North East has not got the imagination to do anything that doesn’t include a huge waste of public finance – such as poor image making projects, fountains, squares (for skateboards), you name it, money has been wasted on it.

 We’ve also been lumbered with another quango to look after the development of the Vaux Site. Are we going to have another £10million wasted like Sunderland Arc did. Ten years it was supposedly looking after our interests, their lasting memory being the signpost with “Watch This Space” – which we did and nothing happened.

 Come on people of Sunderland, we don’t need imported people to know what we want. We need people who will put Sunderland and only Sunderland first.

LN Pallace,

Ford Estate.


Wonderful memories

My aunt, Emma Nelson, who lives in Sunderland, sent me a copy of The Sunderland Echo dated June 14, 2015, for me to read the wonderful article from Boldon woman, Vikki Groome.

 It was so uplifting for me to read as I lived in East Boldon from 1933 to 1946 when I was 13 years old, after which I moved to Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire, where I have lived for nearly 70 years.

 I was so very thrilled to be able to relate to many features of the article, especially as I attended East Boldon Primary School from 1944 to 1946 and Mr Whitling was my headmaster.

 I also attended St George’s Church, where I was a member of the choir.

 A friend of mine lived in Ashley Villas, Front Street, and, yes, I was mercilessly chided about my North Eastern accent and, like Vikki, had to learn a whole new vocabulary – I now speak ‘posh.’

 However, I shall never forget my roots in that lovely village, East Boldon, and still have cherished memories of my childhood.

 My grandad had a garage business opposite East Boldon station, where we lived.

 Thank you for the wonderful, uplifting memories.

 I remember going to the Sunderland Empire, the beaches of Whitburn and Seaburn, and I still support Sunderland AFC.

 Special thanks to my Aunt Emma, who sent me the article and whom I keep in touch with regularly (who is now 91 years).

Florence Scott (nee Brown),

Hemel Hempstead.