Letters, Monday, August 26, 2013

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What lies beneath Sunderland’s old Vaux site?

I COULD not care less about what is going to be built on the Vaux site. What I do care about is the history that is buried there. A full-page article in the Echo on August 2 did not mention one word about having the site excavated before building work takes place. Disgraceful!

 About eight months ago a sign with the words “To Germany” on it vanished from Roker. What a song and dance was made of that by the local press.

 Even the Sunderland Echo stated: “We are very protective of our heritage here in Sunderland” – looks like it, doesn’t it?

 John Kelly, the cabinet minister for culture is, like the Echo, strangely silent on the subject of the Vaux site.

 Sunderland has lost the ship City of Adelaide and looks like it is going to lose a number of ancient Roman artefacts.

 It would appear that the city fathers could not care less about Sunderland’s important cultural heritage.

R Tomlinson,


Gentoo should look at older properties

THE Echo recently published an article regarding Gentoo’s part in developing energy-efficient homes.

 I am a 74-year-old widow living in a Gentoo property. I do not receive any benefits at all and am paying full rent.

 My fuel bill for the month is £100 – £48 for gas and £22 for electric. The only gas in my home is water and central heating, everything else is electric.

 According to a qualified heating engineer, the type of system in my home was installed almost 30 years ago and is only working at 45 per cent efficiency.

 I have turned off the pilot light for the gas fire and the thermostat is down to two out of six.

 It’s time Gentoo concentrated on some of their older properties to help out people like myself. I dread winter, knowing that I have to turn up the heating.

 If my bill is £48 per month in the summer, I dread to think what it will be in winter.

Name and address supplied.

Spain lacks rocks to sort out Gibraltar

WHAT’S the point of belonging to the EU along with Spain, when the Spanish behave the way they do over Gibraltar?

 If Spain really wanted Gibraltar, it had a perfect opportunity in 1940. General Franco was summoned to a meeting with his Uncle Adolf and told to declare war on Britain and seize the rock.

 But Franco wouldn’t do it. He knew it would be a risky gamble. The meeting so annoyed Hitler, he said he’d rather have toothache then talk to Franco again.

 It seems the Spanish are good at grumbling about the 18th Century treaty which gave us Gibraltar, but when it comes to taking military action, they lack the cojones.

 Incidentally, do people know that Spain still hangs on to two land enclaves on the North African coast? So when are they going to hand them back to Morocco?