Letters, Monday, August 13, 2012

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Fears for the future after mosque move

QUITE clearly it would seem that there is a majority of Millfield residents who are fearful, for many valid reasons in my opinion, at the building of a mosque in their already busy area.

 Paul Watson, in my opinion, is an absolutely diabolical council leader for Sunderland. His attitude in the planning meeting held in the civic centre bordered on absolute contempt for the many opposed to this mosque.

 I will guarantee you that the Mosque will be unpopular with many people due to the fact that they just do not want it on their doorstep. There is already a lot of tension, and those of us whose families have lived in Millfield for generations are gradually beginning to endure a sense of fear of ultimate alienation.

 Sunderland City Council should hang its head in shame for its decision to ignore local opinion on this issue. On their shoulders will rest future problems. I know of councillors who told me they opposed this mosque, but at the planning meeting said nothing.

 What a sell-out. What a shambles.

Ken Rowntree,

Ainskell Street,



By good Grace

IN the past year I have watched with great interest the development of the Grace House, in Faber Road, Southwick, from its very beginning to its completion. It is a now completed and is ready to be occupied.

 I would like to pay a personal tribute to everyone who made this dream a reality: to the company that provided the land; to all the construction workers who built the centre; to the celebrities who willingly gave the project their full support; to the hundreds of people who took part in the sponsored events had raised the money to fund the project, and last, but by no means least, members of the public for their generosity and financial support. To you all a very big “thank-you”.

 In reality, Grace House is proof of what can be achieved when people work together for such a cause and give some a great sense of pride to be a member of such a community.

 With the greatest respect, may I humbly suggest to the families that will need to use Grace House, in your darkest hour of need you have the support and loving care of Sunderland people, some of the best in the world.

F. W. Sheils

Rydal Mount


Nipped in the bud

I’D like to congratulate our parks department on the lovely flower display in our city. It’s a pleasure to see them.

No doubt the council will be cutting back as they do with anything that’s good for the city.

 I was gutted to hear the news about the Vaux site and it seems once again the city council has got no foresight.

 No doubt the Jopling’s store will go to wrack and ruin. Such a lovely building will end up being pulled down. It could easily be made into a hotel or flats, but as I say, the city council has no foresight.

 I live in hope.



Search for Babes

I AM writing this in the hope that I can get any information, programme or photos from the times The Rosslyn Babes appeared at the Sunderland Empire.

 According to my records they appeared in 14 pantomimes from 1947, when they are first recorded appearing in the panto Mother Goose, to their last appearance in 1981 in the panto Cinderella. If they appeared in any other shows I am sure someone will let me know.

 I have compiled an index of most of the artists who have “trod the boards” at the Empire since 1907, and although I have the names of the Babes for four of the pantos (1953, 1977, 1978 and 1981), I would like to complete the list.

 Any costs for postage or photo copies will, of course, be refunded. I can be contacted at 5510314.

George McCarthy,

Portsmouth Road,


Wishing not well

Well! Well! Well!. Would you believe it? Someone on the council is related to a genie, who has granted them three wishes to spend more of the taxpayers’ money.

First up, that monstrosity of an iconic bridge, with an adornment on top which serves no useful purpose whatsoever.

Secondly, they found £1.6million to buy the Pullman site. How much more will it cost the taxpayer to demolish and rebuild on it?

The third wish will no doubt beggars belief.

 This brings me to my main point in question. After all the sterling work by Scarf, in an effort to raise funds to being back Adelaide to her birthplace for restoration, why could our city fathers not find the paltry sum to add to Scarf’s achievements? I’m confused.com!

 Oh! I nearly forget, Hylton Castle’s restoration, a few over- inflated expenses claims would have paid for that.

Brian Johnson,

Rochdale Road,

Red House,


Thanks for care

I HAVE just returned home after a long stay in Sunderland Royal Hospital.

I would like to thank all the staff involved, especially those on the acute stroke unit on Ward 58 as well as the ambulance staff who helped me.

P J McPartland,

Chester Road,