Letters, Monday, August 12, 2013

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Wires crossed on iconic bridge letter

ALAN Wright’s reply (Echo Letters Page, August 8) to my previous letter on the subject of the iconic bridge, gave me the impression he didn’t quite cotton on to the points I was making.

 For example, it was fair comment for me to say councillor George Howe appeared wise after the event. Alan should remember how the whole Conservative group supported the council unconditionally, and even publicised, their enthusiasm for the crossing.

 Mr Wright said the cancellation had nothing to do with doubt over being able to build the bridge. I never said it did!

 When I said that neither of the two contractors stated the bridge couldn’t be built, it was relative to the reasons councillor Howe had given for why the proposal had failed.

 In my opinion, Mr Wright was rather insidious when he mentioned “W Quinn tries to brush off huge losses over the council’s miscalculation”.

 If he had read my correspondence correctly, Alan would have noticed there was no justification for his remark, for not only did the Echo editorial call for the council to make public the bridge circumstances, so did I.

 I wrote: “Their (Tory group) request for information appertaining to the bridge negotiations should be given to them”.

W Quinn,


Airshow should go back to two days

ALTHOUGH I like the airshow, I think that two days is enough. The Friday evening music and fireworks must be a considerable disturbance to the residents of the old people’s homes on the seafront – some of the fireworks sound like bombs going off!

 The actual air display seems to be secondary to the event. There seems to be longer gaps between the planes on the Saturday and Sunday. Please change back to two days.

Robin Middlemiss,


It was a diamond night to remember

RECENTLY, my wife and I celebrated our diamond wedding at a restaurant in town, accompanied by family and friends.

 Among those present were our 91-year-old sister-in-law, our dear friend from Cleethorpes and our niece from Germany.

 We wish to thank you all for helping to make the evening a huge success. However, we must point out that the arrangements for the evening were entirely due to the efforts of my son and his wife and our two granddaughters, who made all the arrangements beforehand.

 We shall always be extremely grateful to them, thank you for a lovely night.

 Finally, we can confirm that the collection for the Macmillan nurses raised £300. God bless you.

Irene and Les Thorne,


Many thanks for tidying cemetery

I WROTE to the Echo in June about the state of Whitburn cemetery. It was a mess.

 I was there again today – what a difference. The grass had been cut and the garden by the main gate was back to its normal glory.

 May I say thank you to whoever tidied it up. It was a pleasure to go in.

Margaret Crosbie,


Author seeks help on harvest camps

Can you help? I am a journalist/author researching the subject of Second World War harvest camps, especially those attended by schoolchildren.

 If you have memories of harvest camps and would like to share them with me, please get in touch.

 You can write to me, Angela Youngman, at Pinewood Lodge, Grove Lane, Tasburgh, Norwich, Norfolk, NR15 1LR or email on ReaderAngela77@mail.com

Angela Youngman,