Letters, Monday, August 11, 2014

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City is a great place to live

AT the end of April last year, we moved from Sunderland to a purpose-built retirement complex in Scarborough.

 What a mistake this turned out to be.

 I spent all my life (65 years) in Sunderland and now realise what a great place it is to live.

 Scarborough is like living in a 1960s time warp.

 At least Sunderland has moved forward – if not to everyone’s opinion and taste.

 I am very proud to have lived in Sunderland for 65 years, and we are trying to get back ‘home’ as soon as possible.

 On the few occasions we have returned to Sunderland, we have stayed in a lovely guest house in Seaburn. The staff have looked after us very well and do a first-class breakfast.

 To say home is where the heart is is very true.

 We look forward to receiving a copy of the Echo. In particular, the sports section and Sarah Stoner’s nostalgia articles are exceptional.

 Sunderland is only 90 miles away but at times it feels more like 900.

 Mick, the Pen, would have a field day if he was to pay Scarborough a visit.

Keith Goodwin,


Tree cash wasted

AFTER many letters to the Echo concerning Sunderland Council, I find myself back here again.

 I now find out that the council has spent £180,000 on 58 trees on the new area, once the Vaux Brewery site. How can it justify this money when it closed libraries and local boxing clubs etc, which serve the children of Sunderland?

 Buildings are being pulled down just about every week and no one seems to care about the state of the city.

 I intend to move back to Sunderland in two years from now and dread to think how it will look.

 This money could have been put to some good use for the city.

 It’s a disgrace.

Allyson Timm,


We need answers

A LAW to restrict immigrants from claiming benefits after three months is not before time.

 The EU suggests it would be against EU laws. Please could you let us know what happens to those who go to France or Germany?

 We know they are not generous or stupid like the UK.

 The EU, in criticising our stance, does not seem to do the same to other EU countries. What gives? However, will Human Rights let us deport those who do not meet requirements? I doubt it.

 If an immigrant gets put on our small island, the EU will see the person is here for good.

 How do French and Germans deport illegal immigrants?

 We are all aware that the French deport many of them from Calais to Dover. How do the Germans proceed?

 Please would someone enlighten us?

Marjorie Matthews,