Letters, Monday, April 8, 2013

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Secretary out to attract attention

THE statement by Durham Miners’ Association General Secretary Dave Hopper on the proposed removal of the miners’ banner from the Stadium of Light was made so soon after the appointment of Di Canio that clearly no consultation had been made with his membership or any of the ex-miners who feel proud to have this banner displayed so beautifully at the stadium.

 Mr Hopper’s connection to events in the Second World War and the new appointment are nothing more than a poor attempt by the Secretary of a failing and out of touch organisation to attract attention to justify their existence.

 Does Mr Hopper feel that he owns this banner personally? That he has a right to decide its home? Or is this something that should be decided by the people whom this represents? Just where does he intend to store it if it is removed from the Stadium of Light? 

 Perhaps it is time for the Durham Miners’ Association, or the spokesperson, to move into the 21st-century and recognise that the views stated on the Di Canio appointment may not represent those of the people who dedicated their lives to the mining industry and are proud of the fact that their banner is displayed at the Stadium of Light regardless of the appointment.

 While we agree that fascism is not acceptable in this country, then neither was the NUM’s links with communism or the approach to Col Gaddafi for funds during the miners’ strike.

Peter Walton


Just a nasty MP

THAT Iain Duncan Smith is the nastiest member of the nasty party is beyond dispute. So nasty, he makes Margaret Thatcher seem like Florence Nightingale.

 This is the man who sacked over 1,000 disabled Remploy workers, surely the most brutal and heartless act perpetrated by any politician in living memory.

 The obscene bedroom tax was also Duncan Smith’s brainchild. You have to wonder what nastiness is next on his agenda.

 But why is he so nasty? Is he trying to ingratiate himself to the Tory right who kicked him out of the leadership in 2003 for being unelectable? Or is it that he feels he is an outsider in a cabinet full of Old Etonians who achieved millionaire status by accident of birth.

 By the way, Paolo di Canio may be a fascist, but it could have been far worse – he could have been a Tory!

E Royal


Forget the politics

TWO blokes who should know better are getting right on my nerves about the appointment of Paulo De Canio

 First, Mr Paul Watson, leader of Sunderland Council, who has voiced his oppinion of Mr Di Canio’s political beliefs. This after Mr Watson who has also done things in his past which he would like to forget.

 Second, Mr Hopper childishly asking for the miners’ flag back. It’s a pity he never showed this much passion when the pits were closing and men were losing their jobs and livliehoods.

 Leave politics out of it and get down to football

Mr B Wilson,