Letters, Monday, April 29, 2013

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Stop vandalising the improvements

WHEN I walked to the shops in Chiswick Square, Hylton Castle, on Friday, April 5, I noticed three small groups of three saplings had been planted on the open land next to the path which passed the church in the middle of the estate.

 In my head I said to myself, “I give them a week”, as improvements like that never seem to last long as the “roughs” are not interested in improvements.

 In fact, I was wrong, when I walked to the shops the next day, two of the groups of three trees were down on the ground completely and the third group only had two broken trees left and the other one was down on the ground.

 Why can people just leave things alone?

 There are lots of us on the estate who appreciate improvements.

Name and address withheld

Spending goes on

THE council leader is again moaning about the cuts the council has to make.

 Yet he will not say what the council is doing about the wasting of almost £1million on cars or the £26,000 on bottled water or the scandalous waste of £200,000 on union officals sitting inside of the civic centre. The members they represent are all well paid and they should pay for the union officials themselves.

 All this money wasted at the civic centre and the people of Sunderland have to suffer.

 As I have said many times, the money given to the council is for all the people of Sunderland and not just a selected few inside the civic centre

G Liddle,


Demise of perm

TOO true Marshall of Reds, East Herrington (Echo, Tuesday, April 16).

 “The perm appears to be a lost art to many salons”. In fact I would go as far as to say the “perm” is the Greggs pasty of the hairdressing world – the whole operation carried out with a soupçon of solution.

 Hairdressers, stop being so stingy with the basic components of the operation and as Marshall maintains: “The perm will make a comeback.”

Name and address withheld

Just a thought

THE recent obsequies for Margaret Thatcher prompt the thought of what would be suitable for Tony Blair.

 I suggest only one word “Iraq. He conjured this war out of thin air, deploying a weapons of mass deception.

 Now that he is a Catholic, I suggest he goes to confession daily for the rest of his life, concentrating on contrition and a firm purpose of amendment.

Brian McGill,

Weardale Avenue,

South Bents

A big mistake

I AM seeking the whereabouts of David Hammond.

 He used to live at Seaton Carew and worked at the ICI works at the time.

 I made the mistake and what a mistake that was – so much regret.

 Hopefully you may see this letter.

Jacqueline Adams,