Letters, Monday, April 28, 2014

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Fast solution to the rat problem

THERE have been reports recently in the press of an increase in the rat population, not just the amount but the horrendous size of them.

 No doubt this is caused by some of the brain-dead public that buy fast food (fish and chips, pasties etc). They eat half and then throw the remains on the ground, along with packaging that it comes in.

 There seems to be no way of discouraging or educating these people into acting in a more responsible manner. Perhaps if rat catchers were to put some of the really big rat carcasses in a sealed glass tank, and put some on display outside fast food shops, then this might make the general public think.

 The actual carcass of a dead rat (a really big one) would, I think, really hammer home to people the message about not littering the streets, much more effectively than posters with photos on.

 Make it law that all fast food outlets display these tanks just outside of the premises.

 In the recent past, the Government has spent millions on trying to eradicate the badger population, I think it is time to declare war on the rat population.

 Just like fishermen do, let’s have competitions to see who can catch the most rats and to see who can catch the biggest.

 Make the prize money big-time, and make the rat catchers celebrities.

Robert Tomlinson,


Courting trouble

I READ with bewilderment the letter from Mick The Pen, who said that Sunderland fans are unreasonable.

 Just where has this man been for the past four decades?

 The club has suffered relegation more than once and a succession of managers who have failed to deliver.

 This season has been a disaster with only a few home wins and terrible football. To say the fans have to be patient is a joke and I wonder if this was another of Mick’s wind-up letters.

 It is as if he is just wants to court controversy and get a reaction from other supporters.

Mr J Blythe,


An icon of horror

MARY Peach was born on Saturday, October 20, 1934, in Durban, South Africa.

 She appeared in films such as Room At The Top, No Love For Johnnie, Cut throat Island, The Lady Is A Square, Follow and The Three Musketeers. Her TV shows included Theatre 625, The Saint, Doctor Who, Play For Today, Dial M For Murder and The Gentle Touch. She will be best remembered, though, for The Hammer Horror movies.

 I won’t forget the great, original, beautiful, lovely British actress, and star icon, Mary Peach.

Terry Christie,

East Herrington

Give me a call

JOHN Blake, ex-Silver Spurs C&W Club, I have lost your phone number. Please get in touch. My number is 551 0314.

George McCarthy,