Letters, Monday, April 27, 2015

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Save buildings of old Sunderland

I WOULD like to congratulate the Echo on donating all of the old Sunderland Echo archives to Sunderland Antiquarian Society before they went on the same bonfire that consumed all the models and the majority of the photos from Doxford’s when it closed. A lad I knew saved some of them, but not many.

 As your dear readers know from your fine letters page, I am always bemoaning the loss of old buildings and a tale from my late father related to some of these losses.

 He told me that a certain councillor in the ’60s and ’70s would hear of impending demolitions of old buildings and would scoot round with his Brownie camera or whatever model he used to snap the intended buildings before they were consigned to history.

 He must have an impressive collection running into possibly the 1,000s, unless his family donated them to Donnison School Heritage and Education Centre down the East End, which has over 900,000 images of old Sunderland.

 However, even more of old Sunderland is about to disappear as I hear that the destruction of one half of Liverpool House on High Street West is imminent.

 These fine buildings were once Georgian houses if my memory serves me well. Instead of pulling them down, why not try to return them to their former splendour and turn them into flats, as we seem to need housing all over the country.

 Just a thought, but a fine thought if I may say so myself.

Alan ‘The Quill’ Vincent,

Old Penshaw.

Mam upset over Grace House

ON reading the Echo, April 15, I was absolutely disgusted to find that Grace House Children’s Hospice is now going to be a respite home. My mam has been donating to this charity since the beginning and to find out, through the Echo, that her chosen charity has changed has been very upsetting for her. She was really passionate about Grace House Children’s Hospice, and every birthday, Christmas, Mothers Day etc we, her family, gave her money instead of gifts which, in turn, she donated to this charity.

 My mam now feels that her donations have been accepted under false pretences as no-one mentioned changing to a respite home. The outcome is that she has decided to withdraw her support, which deeply upsets her.

 My mam is now 93 years old and was longing for the day that Grace House Children’s Hospice opened its doors. It was purpose-built by Gentoo, and was going to be the pride of Sunderland.

 Can anyone from the charity explain how they came to this decision without informing the public who have supported it from the start? It seems to me that this charity has shot itself in the foot. It’s so very disappointing.

Name and address supplied.

Ebola a scare about nothing?

DOES anyone remember towards the end of last year when we were all going to die from Ebola? The papers and TV were full of stories about how it was going to escape from Africa and wipe out the world before Christmas?

 You don’t really hear about it anymore though, do you? I guess we’ll just add it to the list of apocalypses that never were, like swine flu, SARS, bird flu and all the rest.

 Sometimes I think the powers that be just like to keep us in a constant state of fear so we’re more compliant and willing to give up our freedoms.

 I wonder what they’ll think of next?

Darren Thompson,