Letters, Monday, April 21, 2014

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Library art should still be in place

UNTIL fairly recently, we had paintings by local artists adorning a wall on the ground floor of Sunderland City library.

 I was informed, not by staff, that a decision was made to discontinue this arrangement.  

 I don’t think the public were ever informed or consulted, but I think that most people would have preferred to keep the paintings, many of which were for sale and of high quality.

 At first, the paintings were replaced with an oversized photograph. Now it is contemporary art consisting of a large painting of words.

 I found the words boring so I didn’t read it all but still had time to notice lots of spelling mistakes, including the words tomorrow, appearance, doubtful, shepherds and Portuguese.

 This is a library and shouldn’t be dumbed down! Also, I think there is contemporary art on the top floor for anyone who wants it.

 I believe some of the art groups now display their paintings at The Place in Athenaeum Street. This building is closed on Saturdays.

 Other cities, and even towns, make the most of their libraries.

 Instead of having half of the ground floor blocked off, why not display the popular art again?

 Better still, put it at the front and the contemporary work at the back.

D Sloanes,


Thank you for your kind donations

WE would like to thank family and friends who contributed donations and gave raffle prizes to our recent coffee morning event.

 A special thank you to the following Seaham businesses, who donated prizes: Look Out Cafe, Nicey Icey, Downeys, Poppies, Ashoka, Angus and Sainsbury’s local. We made a grand total of £900 – £250 of which was raised through raffle tickets sold at East Coast Rock ‘n’ Roll nights.

 The proceeds will be forwarded to Parkinson’s UK, where donations help with research into Parkinson’s disease and also funding for specialist nurses.

 Thank you all for your support and generosity.

Kathleen and Geoff Hudson,


Years of hard work

AS residents of Seaburn for many years, we wish to record our thanks and appreciation to our three local councillors – George Howe, John Wiper and Bob Francis – for their continuous hard work and responses to all matters arising.

Mr and Mrs Hunter,

via email.

Labour wrongdoers

I SEE W Quinn wasted no time in condemning Maria Miller over the latest expenses scandal.

 I should like to know his opinion on the seven Labour MPs who have actually gone to prison.

J Watson,