Letters, March 26, 2013

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Landlords do have rent discretion

WITH reference to the article on the rent rise for Gentoo tenants, “Rents to go up by £2.39 a week”, it is important to clarify how the system works lest anyone think that social landlords have no discretion in setting rents.

 The Government does prescribe a formula but it is based on the retail price index, not “inflation” as stated, and sets out a limit by which housing associations can increase social rents in any one year.

 However, this formula is a maximum rent increase and not a mandatory requirement so housing associations do not have to apply the maximum rent level if their financial commitments can be met through a lower increase.

Councillor Robert Oliver,

Leader Conservative Council Group.

Curb speculation

HIGH food prices are a serious problem across the world.

 People on lower incomes in the UK are having to cut back their weekly grocery shopping, while in poorer countries high food prices can be a matter of life and death.

 The changing climate and the increasing use of food crops for biofuels are part of the problem.

 But banks are also culpable. Financial speculation by banks and hedge funds are fuelling food price rises, often pushing them much higher than supply and demand can explain.

 I’m taking part in a campaign by the World Development Movement calling for strict regulation to curb food speculation.

 We need to make sure that the finance sector stops making easy money at the expense of hungry people.

 Food is too important to be subject to reckless financial gambling.

Roger Wortley,


Financial madness

I NOTE that – as elsewhere in the Eurozone – countries like Cyprus, Greece and Italy warn their people that if they don’t vote for the financial destruction that the Euro demands they will be forced to leave the Euro.

 Only in the mad world of the EU could you threaten someone with salvation (leaving the Euro) unless they commit to destruction! (staying in the Euro)

Rodney Atkinson

Footy research

I AM researching the football playing and managerial career of Randolph Septimus Galloway, who was born in Sunderland circa December 22, 1896.

 He played initially for Sunderland Tramways before joining Derby County and Nottingham Forest.

 If anyone has any knowledge/information/statistics/pictures of this gentleman, would they please email me on Roger.West@sherwoodtruckandvan.com

Roger West

Use the litter bins

WHY do people find it so difficult to put their rubbish in a bin?

 It doesn’t matter where you go, town or countryside, you can always be certain of finding beer cans and fast food wrappers every where except the bin.

D Miles